Monday, August 18, 2008

let the nesting phase commence

A couple of nights ago, David and I took our first trip to the grocery store since our return from vacation. Before going, we had absolutely nothing left in our house to eat. I think that we were down to a can of creamed corn, half a jar of peanut butter, and stale tortilla chips. Mmmm...

Let me just say that I really hate going to the grocery store. It's the longest, most tedious process ever. Going with a toddler makes the process even MORE fun. Ugh. It's enough to bring this hormonally-challenged mommy the edge of sanity.

Actually, Avery does a great job for the first 30 minutes of our trip, but shortly after that, the melt-down begins. That's typically when I toss her random items like balloons from the Floral Department to keep things sane. You gotta do what 'ya gotta do!

Avery will sit in the grocery cart for approximately 2.5 minutes before she insists LOUDLY to walk. Since I usually go to the grocery store with David, I allow her to walk next to us. When Avery and I are on our own, however, that's something that just can't happen.

Avery likes to help me shop while she walks the aisle and brings me things from shelves at her eye-level. Things like cake sprinkles ("caddy"), boxes of sugary cereals, and breakable jars of salsa. You know, the practical stuff. I consider it a real feat to finally arrive in the parking lot without breaking a jar of pickles or two. I feel a little like I'm living out that grocery store scene in Mr. Mom.

Gosh. I love that movie.

Anyway -Because we had no food, this week's trip to the grocery store lasted WAY too long. When we finally got home, all three of us were totally spent. Despite my exhaustion, I found myself with the sudden random urge to completely gut my refrigerator and pantry. I even brought out the sponge (*gasp!*) to clean out the crud in the bottom of the fridge!

I know. I'm Wonder Woman, right?

I remember this beautifully insane urge to organize from my pregnancy with Avery. It seemed to hit about the same time in my last pregnancy as it has with this one. I am like a crazy woman now. Knowing that this blissful phase will not last long, I decided to take a couple of pictures of my organizing handi-work. One day (approximately 2 weeks after baby Charlie is born) I will look at them longingly and wish for a fridge like that again.

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