Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the 4th

Independence Day is such a fun and happy holiday. I just adore it. 
And, after moving to our new home, we discovered that we can see our town's fireworks display from our cove. 
Stop. It.
To quote the star of my new favorite train-wreck of a show to watch... 
It was "pearrrfect".

So - we invited a few friends and my parents to join us for an impromptu gathering at our house. 

If you know me, you know that I'm pretty much an impromptu kind of gal. 

Some of my friends are impromptu kind of folks like me, and others prefer - and need - time to plan things a little more; a fact that may have contributed to making our gathering of friends much more "intimate" than it would have been had I given my friends a bit more notice.
There are those that may argue that a small gathering of friends and family does not an official "party" make, but I consider any time that I can be with the people I love a reason to celebrate. 
And decorate. 

The week before the 4th, the kiddos made rockets to hang on our chandelier (idea from alphamom)
And I brought out the cookie cutter star garland Avery made last year.
I added a little something to our mantle.
But as the 4th approached, it was clear that the screened-in porch could not - and should not - be ignored. It would definitely be the center of all the action, and must be pretty.
Because, as my friend Sonya says, "pretty is important."
 Despite all the important prettiness, it was the food that was the true the star of the show - at least until the fireworks started.
Ok - so take a quick look at the cupcakes in the next photo.

Those were the 4 cupcakes that my mom brought.
To be divided among approximately one million children.

In her defense, she only brought them because they were left over from another event. She brought them to our house for my kids but I decided that we should stick them on the cake plate. Because pretty is important.
Not my best idea.

Can I just say that every child there was obsessed with those cupcakes?
I think we told them 100 times that they would have to wait until after dinner to even think about touching those cupcakes.
At least 100 times.
And when dinner was finally over, each child got 1/2 of one.

Mental note: make lots of cupcakes next year. And don't bring them out until AFTER dinner.
The kids played super hard outside all night. Our neighbors, cousins, and friends made quite a scene in our quiet little cove.

Avery and our neighbor - "little" chris.
Isn't he too cute?
Avery just loves bossing him around. And having him do her bidding.
Oh goodness.
Before the fireworks started, we made a little food craft from an idea I found online.
While Avery loved it, Charlie ignored it.
Because it involved bananas. 
I'm pretty sure there's nothing in the world he thinks is more unappetizing than bananas.
 Our little friend Carter took her work quite seriously.
 And Spencer was just...cute. As usual.
The finished product!
I've decided that the 4th may be my favorite holiday of the year. And I can't wait to do it again next year.

Ok, Dear, Sweet, Planning Friends: consider that your official notice.
One year in advance.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

completely two.

Charlie brought this to me the other day.
Just handed it to me.
I think I said, "What is this?"
To which he responded with the usual, "Nuffing."
It looks like I arrived just in time to save his favorite racing car from being lost forever.  Who knows what else is in there.

He's so two.

And totally inquisitive.

And curious.
He's fearless and adventurous.
And a total mess.
Sometimes, his curiousity can be kind of expensive.
But mostly, it's just really, really messy.

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