Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i didn't know we lived near a forest. hmm..

This is a picture from our walk tonight.

Notice the gargantuan weeds growing in my neighbor's yard.

They've been growing for quite awhile now and are now officially taller than Avery.

We've been watching our neighbor's lovely foliage grow all summer. As the days go on, we walk by it in sheer amazement. How tall can it possibly grow?

It looks like we may just get to see, since our college-aged neighbors seem to be more concerned with partying than picking up. We have been tempted to pull them on more than one occasion (just because we're that nice - not because we are annoyed as heck!), but David said he was worried about doing that because it may be a science experiment for a Botany class or something.

I'm kind of hoping that it is.

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