Tuesday, August 12, 2008

dora and boots

Upon looking at this picture you might say one of two things:
1. Jennifer has completely given up
2. Jennifer must be feeling really, really sick.

The truth is that our lovely new friend Dora was a gift - a mean, mean gift. Given to Avery by my mean, mean brother who WILL pay. Dora had been happily living in my parent's garage for months with no complaint. She liked it there. I'm sure of it. Then Joseph had to go and ruin everything. Now she's living at our house. Sad.

Avery loves her. Sad, sad.

It looks like she'll be here for awhile. Sad, sad, sad.

Upon looking at this picture, you might say:
1. Jennifer must have been at Target past Avery's bedtime and been forced to buy Avery some boots to pacify her.
2. Jennifer must be really, really, sick.

Ok. You're right about this one.

Just kiddin'. Aren't they cute?!?!


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Oh, so sorry Dora has come to stay; that is a tragedy indeed. The boots, however, are adorable!

The Dunlap Family said...

Jennifer, you crack me up! Having children has a way of changing everything. I was loving Riley & Cole's cute Pottery Barn looking room, and now they have Star Wars posters up everywhere . . . much to Brad's delight and my dismay. I'm trying to embrace them :). I love rain boots, and those are precious! It's fun keeping up with your family!

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