Friday, February 11, 2011

sweet hearts.

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, Avery and I decided to make Rice Krispie Treats for her friends at school.

Avery's been watching a lot of Food Network shows lately. Her favorites are Cake Boss and The Barefoot Contessa. She's also a big fan of The Neely's.

Recently, I left her playing games on Sprout Online. When I went to check on her a few moments later, I noticed that she had accidentally maneuvered her way to You Tube and was watching an instructional birthday cake video. When I asked her what she was watching she said, "Mom...Look at this. We've GOT to make one of these."

To which I responded with something vague and cryptic I think like, "Oh. Wow. That's really cool. We'll have to see."
What I was actually thinking was, "Riiiiiight... cause I totally want to spent 4 hours making a ridiculously detailed firetruck cake for no reason at all...I'll be sure to get right to that."

With Avery's new found culinary love in mind, you can imagine how seriously excited she was when I explained what I had in mind for her friend's Valentine Treats.

While Avery and I stirred away, Charlie decided to do his part to by providing a little background music.
 I'm not sure my ear drums will recover.
Thank goodness he's cute.
It helps.
A lot.

As all projects do, the excitement wore off after approximately 2 minutes.
It was up to mommy to finish up.
 Later, we prepared Avery's Valentine cards for her friends. Her fine motor skills are really progressing these days. She worked very hard to write her name herself. For about 2 minutes.
Then... Mommy finished up.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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