Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a weekend to remember...

David and I just got back from an awesome weekend in Williamsburg, VA where we went to a Family Life marriage conference. Avery stayed with her Boo while we were away. Leaving her at the airport was so hard. I cried the entire way to the gate and then some! While we were checking our bags, I felt it necessary to confide in a complete stranger (aka the airline employee) every detail of my traumatic morning. While she was busily checking our bags, I managed to blubber out the minute details of how I was leaving my baby for the first time and how we were going to a conference and "I know it's a really good thing and I know I will have a good time but it is just hard..." You get the point. Suprisingly, she was super-sweet and genuinely sympathetic. I was just plain...pathetic.

After our initial "bump in the road" had passed, David and I were able to relax a little (did I mention that we called Boo every hour of every day just to check in?) and ultimately had a blast hanging out together. David rented a red mustang for us to drive (By the way, every time we got in that crazy thing I had to beg him not to rev the motor or peel out of the parking lot ~ he was definitely channeling his inner redneck in that car). We ate at really great restaurants where we were able to actually eat our meal while it was still warm and finish a sentence without having to say, "hold on just a minute". Here's the best part: at the end of the meal I didn't have clean up crushed cheerios or smooshed food. It was awesome! We stayed at a beautiful resort on a golf course and stayed up late watching movies and ordering room service. We saw William & Mary College, toured colonial Williamsburg, and drove through the Jamestown area settlement. The leaves were just changing color and the weather was just beautiful.Oh yeah, and we went to a marriage conference in the middle of all that too. Here are the pics!

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