Sunday, August 17, 2008

it runs in the family

I just had to share this cute, cute, CUTE video of Avery dancing along while her daddy plays guitar. It's just...cute. Every time I see it, I laugh at her silliness. She has become such a little goof-ball lately.

On the night that the video took place, David and I had just come home from dinner with friends. My sister, Katharine babysat Avery that night. You'll see/hear a little of her in the video.

Katharine is my youngest sister. I'm 14 years (!) older than her and will forever think of her as my sweet little baby sister. Because of our age difference, my relationship with her always been special to me: a perfect blend of sister, friend, and (very young and very cool *wink*) mom.

Oh, how I love that girl! She makes me laugh, makes me smile, and makes me act like a total idiot. I just love that she's a random goof-ball. Maybe that's where Avery gets her silly side.

Within moments of being with Katharine, I find myself carried away in silliness and acting like I'm 17 again. Reality usually brings my temporary insanity (and all the fun!) to a screeching halt about 10 minutes after I leave Kat. It's typically when I strap my baby in her car-seat and head off toward home while listening to "We Are the Dinosaurs" playing in the background.

She (Reality, that is) says something like, "Jen. Wake up, hon. You are really old. You're like half a step away from wearing mom jeans and buying a mini-van. You buy shoes because they are comfortable. You sing Barney songs and have in-depth conversations with friends about whether or not to potty train. You have bills to pay and laundry to fold. You talk with your little girl about things like 'going potty, diapees, and appa duice'. You haven't bought a new purse in over two years and your nicest shoes come from Target."

Reality is so mean. She's quite possibly the worst Frenemy ever.

Anyway...all that to say that if Avery ends up anything like her lovely, silly, precious Aunt Ka-Ka, I'd be just thrilled to pieces.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

She is a total ham! I love it! :)

And...may I say that your hubby is really talented? He has a great voice! Is he a musician, or does he just do it for fun on the side?

Fun little peek into your world!

jennifer said...

Thanks! He's actually a worship pastor. Avery loves to hear her daddy sing. So does momma!

Jodie said...

That is too cute! I love your videos :)

Martin Family said...

Wow..your husband's voice is amazing. Keith Urban is one of my favorites. You should post more videos of him singing. I bet he is an awesome worship pastor. There is nothing sweeter than to watch and child dance and laugh. It brightens the soul.Been keeping up with you and Charlie on your blog. I was cracking up at your nesting posting because I am bleaching grout and throwing out everything and anything as we speak.

Kress Smith said...

I miss hearing David sing:( Avery is a doll. Aren't they just so much fun.

The Moseley Family said...

Hey guys! Avery is SO cute! i love her dancing! and it is great to hear David sing! what an amazing voice! i love that song..i had to buy it in itunes..David sounds better i think! ha! I have watched this video proably 15 times...Avery has a fan! Noah loves to watch her! :)) praying for you guys!

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