Tuesday, June 26, 2007

summer vacation

David, Avery, and I just got back from vacationing with friends in Navarre Beach Florida. We had a great time, but Dave and I realized that those lazy days of lying on the beach with a good book in hand are definitely behind us. Preparing to go to the beach each day was as difficult as preparing for the vacation itself. It took us 20-30 minutes just to slather her up with sunscreen and stick her in a swim diaper and bathing suit, and another 30 minutes to get everything together (camera, coverup, sunblock, toys, baby pool, towels, snacks, etc) and dressed. By the time we finally made it to the beach, Avery was ready for a nap and so were we! We managed to stay out for maybe an hour or two before she totally melted down... Nice. Obviously, little Miss Avery (or as her friend Carter likes to call her "Miss Baby Avery Timman") kept us busy, busy on the beach. I'm not sure that she loved the beach as much as she loved playing with her friends Miller and Carter in the swimming pool. She made a few attempts at eating sand and took more than a few swallows of salt water. We have a really funny pic of her getting splashed by a huge wave while sitting in Daddy's lap...bless her little heart. Anyway - although our vacation was not as relaxing as those of years past, we had a really great time and made really fun memories. And - how cute is my Avery in that little swim suit? Are you kidding me???
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