Sunday, April 5, 2009

slacker mom takes kid to art show

Last week, Avery's preschool held it's annual Art Show.
When you are 2, art looks a whole lot like scribbling, but then again - so does some very expensive modern art.

Can I just tell you how much I loooove the Art Show? There's something about seeing the handiwork of all those tiny little people that makes my heart melt. I can just picture their chubby fingers picking up the paint brush and going to town. All that possibility unfolding right before your eyes... you could be looking at the first scribbles of the world's next Picasso.
Or Charles Schultz.
Or just the practice round for a future doctor's prescription pad.

My point's pretty cool.

This year, David had a Staff Retreat on the night of the Art Show, so my mom went with me. Avery had a blast showing her "Bella" her preschool and her art work.

As soon as we got to her classroom, Avery spotted her BFF Faith a.k.a. "Faiffee".

It amazes me that they could be that excited to see each other after just two hours of being apart.

Once the initial greeting was over, it was time to run.
And scream.
And run some more.

Since Charlie's arrival into the world, I've had a SUPER hard time getting Avery to school in a timely manner. It was tough with one kid, but two has proven to be almost impossible.
At least that's what I tell myself.
Ultimately, it's just an excuse. A really lame one.
A really lame excuse for the fact that Avery had half the amount of the art that her peers did.


Clearly, Avery's mommy is a slacker.
I felt totally guilty.

The good thing about guilt? It can be a great motivator. I've made myself a new month's resolution to do my very best to get her to school no later than 15 minutes after it begins.
I can do it, I can do it, I can do it...

In addition to the Art Show, the preschool offered dinner (pizza) and a musical guest (Wild Willy).
Fancy, huh?
Avery thought so.
Wild Willy sang all of Avery's favorites including "Big House".

Avery and Faith weren't so sure about getting up and dancing at first, but they were extremely attentive (and cute) listeners.

From the first moment we met Faith, it has been crystal clear that she and Avery are total opposites - especially in the personality department.

Faith is gregarious, playful, outgoing, and fun-loving while Avery is careful, slightly prissy, and takes a while to warm up in social settings. Once she does, however, she is a total goof-ball. That's usually when the craziness ensues.

Wild Avery + Already Wild Faiffee = T.R.O.U.B.L.E.
and screaming.
and running.
and more screaming.
and a little shouting, "MINE!"
and some more screaming.
and an occasional shove.
and more screaming.
and running...

You get the picture.

In keeping with their personalities, Faith was the first to jump in and dance first while Avery watched for awhile...

and then finally gave in to peer pressure...

She had a blast once she actually started dancing. In fact, the only way I could convince her to leave is to lure her with promises of pizza!

I can't wait until next year...
Maybe next year, Avery will have more art on display.
Maybe next year, I'll be less of a slacker Mommy.
Maybe next year, I'll win the lottery.
Right after pigs fly.


Colored With Memories said...

well...the best thing is that avery is clueless to this idea of you being a slacker mama. hang in there...those first few, well...the whole first year...pretty much knocked my socks off.

i get lily to preschool late...and it is only 3 hours long...kind of defeats the whole purpose!

Elizabeth said...

That looks like such a fun time!

The Felkins said...

The first year John and I were married, I thought having the kids dressed with lunches in hand was amazing. Then they had to go and rob me of my feeling of accomplishment when they slipped homework into Kenzie's bag, which I almost never opened. The teachers contacted me a couple times to remind me...I was the slacker mommy! :o)

kris said...

hmm, is it that you're a slacker mom or that avery's got slacker teachers who don't let her make up the art she misses? ;)

love the descriptions of the girls. all too fitting!!

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