Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CUTER than pushkin

Do 'ya think I watch too much Gilmore Girls?
Wait until after you watch the video to tell me your answer.

Keep in mind that the only reason I had to prompt her is because she likes to make me look like an absolute liar.

I promise you she's been walking around singing that song non-stop for at least 3 weeks now.
While taking a bath...
While in the deodorant aisle at Target...
While on the potty...
While playing with her dolls...

It's more than a little unfair that the moment I stop to document the cuteness, she makes me look like one of those creepy Pageant Mommies on "Toddlers and Tiaras".

I'm SO not like one of those mommies.
We only went over the hand motions to the song for a couple of hours after I cut off the camera.

Side note:
Have you SEEN that show? You must. If for no other reason than to make yourself feel like Mom of the Year.

Side Note to the Side Note:
Now you see why I will NEVER sing with David. At least, not in front of a mic. Trust me, I'm not delusional about these pipes OR the lack thereof.


Kodi said...

She is too cute for words Jennifer. AHH! I loved that. I know you aren't fibbing because she even had the infliction (inflection?) in the right parts of the song. TOO FUNNY.

me said...

i got another carole king wannabe over here for you, if you don't want to have to be the one to prompt! carter has sang it since she could talk!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, goodness, she's cute. So, so cute.

And only a couple of hours with the hand motions? Nah...you are NOTHING like those Toddler and Tiara moms. ;)

I actually haven't seen that show, but I've seen some documentaries on that topic and it blows my mind the way some of those moms act.

Your voice is NOT bad. YOu should hear me.

Tim said...

That is just PRECIOUSSSS!

Make sure you join us at The Fort on Thursday for Vlogemotions! Its going to be so much fun! Great way to get traffic to your site too. Seems you already have the video thing down.

Love and Prayers,


Brittany said...

Too darn cute!

I ♥ Gilmore Girls too!
I was more than bummed when the series ended!!!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Loved this!! :) And I totally believe you - I know how kids are. :) They are all kinds of cute until the camera comes out - especially the video camera!

jenjen said...

She is adorable!!! I have seen that show. It is crazzzy - all that hair and fake tans on toddlers. So weird!


beth said...

OH my! How did I miss this post? I love the popsicle microphone. You and avery and me and meyers need to watch Gilmore Girls together. Oh, how I miss them.

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