Wednesday, April 29, 2009

almost wordless wednesday

Me: Hey Dave, will you hand me the camera?
David: Everything's a blog post to you, Tillman.
Me: yep.

How to give your kids Typhoid:
Swine Flu Soup, Anyone?:
Somebody Call Hazmat:

That's all I've got.

I just realized that this post doesn't even kind of resemble a Wordless Wednesday post. Not even an ALMOST Wordless Wednesday Post.

*edited to add*
I should probably say that this picture was taken BEFORE I dumped the water. and the sand. ewww.


Brittany said...

If that was in my yard, it would be FULL of big ol' Texas mosquitoes!

Also, I have an "Attitude of Gratitude" award for you on my blog.
I have nominated you because you inspire me and I appreciate your attitude of gratitude! :)

Housewife Savant said...

Hazmat indeed.
You really have to click the photo to appreciate it.
Or don't.
Mosquito heaven.

Kelli said...

My husband says the same thing to me...but he loves it secretly I think.

Kodi said...

Icky. :)

Many bloggers are too prideful to post a picture like this. That's why I like you.

Colored With Memories said...

i am so sad that i clicked on it for enlargement.


they give out fines around here for mosquito breeding. of course one of your neighbors would have to call you in. ;) do you have one like that?!?

i will confess that i called the city on some old neighbors...who had a spa, pulled out of the ground, collecting rainwater and breeding mosquitos. nice...

your issue, although gross, doesn't warrant that!

me said...

okay, two things:
1. what is that??
2. you let my kids play in that??? nice. you really are trying to kill us all, aren't you?

peanuts, open flame, and now . . . whatever that is.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I have a sandbox that resembles that muck...

I hate wordless posts. They make me twitch. I have NEVER had a truly wordless Wednesday...

jennifer said...

maribeth: mwahahaha...all part of my evil plan

Tracey: me either. and me too. and amen.

kerry: i'm glad that fine doesn't exist around here. i'd be a violator for sure. at least after this post. i've called the police about a loud part next door before. cause i'm a mamaw and i needed my SLEEP.

jennifer said...

err - party not part.

jenjen said...

That is funny! I have a fountain my backyard that is in the same condition.


Emily said...

Oh, my kids have that toy too & they love it! I hate it though...buckets of sand in the yard all summer, not to mention in ears, eyes & hair!!!
Your kids are adorable, too!! I love the stories you tell about Avery. She must be a bit of a comedian!! I think she seems precious!!! & Charlie is a DOLL FACE! I love little boys! They are so much fun!
I do love my Y&R.. I think Victor must have the "power" to control everything, even someone going crazy!haha As far as Adam goes, I saw that he was doing pushups & then trying to get that ankle thing off! What a goober! I get very annoyed with the show but can't seem to help but watch it! ha I guess that should really be what annoys me about the show!
Thanks for commenting back the other day!!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Ewww, I clicked it too!!

OK, yes, I think somethin' somethin' may start with JT and Colleen again.

What the heck is with the Ashley stuff -- I have had that thought as well about Victor. Wasn't the dark haired chick hanging on Jack the one Victor was talking to a while back who was in bandages?? She is freaky weird. Or is Sabrina really coming back to haunt Ashley??? OOeeee!

I can't stand Phyllis or Sharon anymore. Phyllis is psycho but I feel bad for her. Sharon is psycho in a different way and I feel bad for her.

I'm off to watch today's episode. Good stuff, good stuff!!!!

SarahHub said...

We have the same sand table on our back deck. If you don't get the top on JUST RIGHT, you end up with a mosquito breeding ground.

Oh, loving the conversation you had with your husband...

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