Saturday, April 25, 2009

baby gift

Our youth pastor and his wife just had a sweet little baby boy this week.

Evidently, our church is in the Baby Making Business. There have been over 20 births in the last year or so.
That's a bunch of friends for little Charlie to play with!

We're just stimulating the economy through Doctor's bills and diaper purchases. You know, doing our kid at a time.

Anyway - I made a little banner and thought I'd show 'ya what it looks like. Baby Dutch's room is brown and blue, so I stuck with that theme.

I love my Cricut.
Love it.
Want to marry it.

Is that weird?


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Nice! I'm glad you posted a crafty picture - I've missing seeing all your creativity.

I just saw your "about me" and cracked up - non-piano-playing! Ha! Also, I would have guessed you for a good portion of Sanguine - or at least you seem terribly funny and outgoing on your blog. :) I am super Melancholy and Phlegmatic myself.

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Really? No Sanguine at all? I'm surprised!

We do seem to be doing our part with the little "baby boom" of late, huh? I can't believe how many tiny ones we've added to the church family in the last year!

Dutch's banner is precious!

Housewife Savant said...

I think cricut crafts are deluxe. I know if I was paper craft savvy I'd love one.
But I'm not. Paper craft savvy. At all.
This banner is darling.
I heart banners in general and they can be made in so many different and awesome ways.

Kodi said...

Good work. It's adorable.

So, is Dutch the first or last name?! :)

jennifer said...

first name!

yeah. no sanguine. i've learned to push out the outgoing part of my personality with my experience in the ministry. :-)

Tasha said...

I know that Jenny will love the Banner. Very good. BTW did you know that Dutch is really his middle name, but that's what they are going to call him? Oh yeah and by the way Andrew and I aren't adding to the BOOM anytime soon as far as I know. Ha Ha

Brittany said...


I love the new profile pic, too. :)

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Absolutely adorable!! Did you watch Y&R Friday? I just watched it...what the heck with Kevin and the baby crying in the woods??? Who is trying to make Ashley go cuckoo again???

misty said...

your circut... is it as easy to work/use like they show on the tv??? i watch about 30 minutes of it the other night & i really wanted to buy one. ha

super cute banner!

Stephanie said...

The circut is so cute! One day I will have time to get back into crafts!

Our nursery has also been in a baby boom since Jadon was born (2 yrs ago). Last week Jonah's 3-6 month room had 8 babies in it. It was absolutely crazy when I went to pick him up.

Kelli said...

I want a Cricut but can't afford it. I love it! Cute banner!

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