Monday, December 22, 2008

zoo lights

This year, we took Avery and Charlie to Zoo Lights: a light display at the zoo in our town. Since Avery has an unnatural fear of The Man in Red, Zoo Lights was just her speed.

The weather was 70 degrees on the night we chose to go to the zoo. I was so thankful for the crazy weather -- it gave me the opportunity to take our little Charlie out so we could all go together.

Despite the warm weather, there was still snow at the zoo - even if it was the artificially generated kind. We get the obligatory ice storm every year...but since that's the only kind of cold precipitation that we typically get around here, Avery really enjoyed the "snow"!

We met our friends The Malahys there, and Carter and Miller got LOTS of love from Avery.

After looking at the lights, we went to a room where the kiddos decorated sugar cookies...and played Ring Around the Rosie.

It's been so fun to create new family traditions and memories with our little ones this year. Seeing Christmas through our Avery's eyes has made things so special. I look forward to many more special memories with our little family. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for the blessing of our little ones. Especially during this time of year! What a special gift children are!

I hope that you are enjoying your Christmas Holiday as much as we are...
Merry Christmas to all our friends, family and bloggy buddies!


Cassandra @ Tripping Around The Sun said...

That is funny you live so close. We go through Memphis lots! We are from Corinth MS. We now live in Searcy, AR. Memphis is our middlepoint. Of corse, my husband goes there some to shop for guitars and eat on Beele Street. We have so got to meet sometime. I havent gotten to meet a bloggy friend yet and i was about to get jealous of all these other bloggers haha.

misty said...

that's cool that your zoo did something like that... our's didn't. you dress avery so cute! love the blue outfit with the matching bow!!!

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