Tuesday, December 9, 2008

stocking hanger

We live in an itty bitty old house. I love it. Especially now that we have our new little room addition.

The one thing that I miss, however - especially around the holidays - is a beautiful fireplace mantle to decorate.

This year, I came up with a couple solutions for my non-mantle-having-ness.

My garland is hung on my television armoire, and my stockings will be hung on this:

It's just a board I bought from Home Depot that I cut down according to the wall space I wanted to put it on.
The knobs are drawer pulls from Target.

I debated endlessly about what kind of hanging device I wanted to use for my stocking holder (hooks, antique door knobs, painted drawer pulls, or a random collection of all of them), but finally came up with these little guys. I figure that they were simple enough to use for something different when Christmas is over.

First I stained the board.
Then I painted it Antique White (Farrell-Calhoun).
Then I sanded it with a few different kinds of sandpaper.
Then I drilled holes in the wood and attached the knobs.
Easy and cheap.

I still need to attach little hooks to the back of the board so I can hang it on the wall and then I'm done.

Now if I could just find those stockings... hmmm...


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there...thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I LOVE that stocking holder..it will be perfect! Your blog header is beautiful. Cherry

Sandy Toes said...

Very very cute..love the knobs..Came over from Cherry!
-sandy toes

Rach@In His Hands said...

Girl, you did it again. Great idea!!

Pam said...

ok, that is a great idea - i may have to steal it! we just hang ours on the back side of our front door - not very exciting.

miSS cARTER said...

So I found your blog at random and was wondering how you made your header thing?



Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

Oh, oh!! Those are the pulls I have on my cabinets. I got mine at Lowes and then found them at Target a few weeks ago for another project! I loooooove them. Well, I have a mantel and am not even using it for my stockings, you know, so whatever works!!

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