Monday, December 29, 2008

kinda 'carey

That's what Avery says about Santa.

"Mommy. Santa is kinda 'carey." or "Santa's a little ceepy (creepy)".

Sometimes, she'll try to trick us into believing that she is over her fear of the jolly rotund one. Especially now that Christmas is over and she's been told that Santa has gone back to his house.

"Mommy. I yike Santa."
"Mommy. Santa is my fend."

Yeah. Right.

I have evidence to the contrary.

My brother Joseph dressed up as Santa on Christmas Eve at my parent's house.
My sister and Sister-In-Law joined in the fun by dressing up as elves. Of course, they looked adorable...which, if I'm being honest here is slightly sickening. And unfair.

See what I mean?

Then there was my newly married brother, Jordan. He dressed up as some kind of creepy reindeer clown. With a faux beer belly. I'm not really sure what that was all about, but even I was a little scared of that.

Poor little cousin Rachel. She's too young to be afraid... Next year, my friend.

So - here's the part where I show you that "evidence" I talked about earlier.
You are now viewing Avery's response to her BFF Santa:

She's not exactly looking happy to see Santa, is she?

Avery's cousins were a little freaked out too.
They weren't sure whether they wanted to hug him or hit him, but they definitely didn't want to sit in his lap.

My mom bought a beautiful wedding cake from a yummy bakery in town and had "Santa" bring it out to the newlyweds.
I'm not sure what she had pictured in her mind for the whole wedding cake reveal, but I'm pretty sure it didnt' look like this. Even in her wildest dreams.

This is quite possibly the creepiest wedding cake cutting picture of all time.
AKA my "Big Fat Redneck Wedding"!

Whenever my brothers get together, my poor mom and dad don't stand a chance. This is a picture of my brother harassing my dad. This picture makes me laugh.

I'm not sure if Avery will ever learn to accept Santa if my brother has anything to do with it. She may be permanently scarred. Poor thing.


Rach@In His Hands said...

Wow...looks like a ton of fun!

Poor Avery. That Santa can be really scary!

misty said...

my oldest walked by while i was reading & he said, "cool! they got to meet santa!!!" haha

looks like A LOT of fun. do you usually join in in the dressing up?!?!

RN and OSHP said...

Too funny! My almost 3 year old is terrified of Santa and has been ever since her 1st CHristmas (she was 11 months old). We have no pictures with Santa. Back in November we were riding in the car and she announced "MOmmy, I not sit in santa's lap". I am not sure how she knew Christmas was so close but she wanted to make sure we didn't attempt the santa picture again!

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

That Santa is carey and ceepy. BOTH. But your family looks like such fun!! :)

Colored With Memories said...

i love how they went all out...hopefully she isn't permanently affected!

their costumes are great!

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