Saturday, November 15, 2008

party pooper

Remember this?

This is the recycling bin from my neighbor's house. It's been full like that for almost a year.

At first, I thought that maybe our young neighbors were just a little...lazy. I mean, they really haven't been loud or crazy since we've lived here.

Until last night.
Last night, everything changed.
Last night, we discovered the real reason for the overflowing bin.

Listen, if you are going to party, do it. Whatever. I'm not your Momma. I'd just appreciate it if you would do it WITH YOUR FRONT DOOR CLOSED.

That's a pretty reasonable request, right?

While I'm asking, here are some further questions I'd like to know the answers to:
1. Is it WISE to throw a loud, crazy party when you live in a sleepy little neighborhood full of old people and small children?
2. Is it SMART to slam beer bottles into your overflowing recycling bin when a grumpy pregnant lady is trying to sleep next door?
3. Is it PRUDENT to scream expletives near a pastor's sleeping toddler's window?

Before last night, I would have thought that the answer would have been quite obvious. I guess not.

First, David and I laid in the bed praying that the loudness would miraculously cease.
After that, we complained about the noise to each other while staring at the ceiling.
Then, we peeked out the window to watch the show a few times (3 words: White Boy Dancing. It looked like the poor guy was having a seizure).

I actually WISH the dancing had been as cool as that video...
It wasn't.

Finally, at 2 AM, we began to weigh our options:
1. Crazy pregnant lady's husband politely asks party people to quiet it down and gets decked by a party person.
2. Crazy pregnant lady waddles over and decks a few party people.
3. Crazy pregnant lady brow-beats husband until he agrees to call the cops.

We went with option #3. We figured that it was probably the kindest, most reasonable option.

I think that we finally got to sleep at 3 this morning. Sad isn't even the word for how I feel right now.

I'm thinking that I may have to pay them a visit at 3 am one morning while baby Charlie is screaming for his morning feeding and see how they like that.

Who am I kidding? No one deserves that kind of punishment.


misty said...

hope you got to sleep in or atleast take a nap today. that really stinks - 3am! i haven't stand up that late since i was in college. nope - once a year at our all-nighter,INSOMNIA on dec 31.

Heather said...

Ok, so one, I have seen that video before and I still laugh until my sides hurt and tears are streaming down my face, and two reading your thoughts make me laugh even harder. :) We have totally had that loud neighbor experience before and you guys were very kind!! Hope you sleep better tonight.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

No way! That stinks! I would've liked to see the crazy pregnant lady deck a couple of people in the middle of the night but like you said, probably not the wisest move. Hope you got a nap today to make up for it!

Kris J. said...

oooh sad!! that's just not right. sorry girl...

Suzanne said...

Hi Jennifer. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great 'meeting you' and I love you blog. We were destined to be BFF, I have those same pink slippers and they were given to me by MY MIL. 'Course mine are a bit older and don't look so nice now... But those are mere details. See you in Blogland. Come back and visit me at Easy at Home, too!

Anonymous said...

Funny video. Sorry you didn't get any sleep. It's my first visit to your blog, so I thought I'd say HELLO!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Oh no!! That is just awful....growing up we had neighbors like that for a while. I can't even count the times my dad had to call them in....what is with some people!?

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