Monday, November 17, 2008

avery's never-ending-birthday party

Avery loves presents just as much as I do. Just look at her expression in that picture: that's PURE JOY. Over a wipes case.

I feel 'ya sister. I feel 'ya.

We have been spoiled rotten by our family and friends with gifts and showers over the last few weeks and have totally relished every second of the gift-a-thon.

It seems, however, that our family can't quite agree on WHO the gifts are actually for.

I like to think they are for me - cause I'm the one carrying a CHILD inside of me. Hell-o?

Avery prefers to think they are for her - because she's two and everything is hers.

David attempts to tell us that they are for Charlie, but that's just silly.

Our friends John and Beth threw a couples shower for us last weekend, and we decided to allow Avery to come with us. We figured that the more exposure she has to the idea of having a new baby around, the better.

Avery had a blast opening her presents, and after all the gifts were opened, she said, "I want biwrfday cake, Mommy".

She reluctantly agreed to settle for some 2-bite brownies and rice krispy treats instead.

So did I.

My moment of weakness started innocently enough... just ONE little 2-bite brownie. No problem, right?

The sugary goodness was just beyond words.

When you don't get to eat sugar, just a little bit of it is INSANEly good.

Feel free to test me on that.
I don't blame you.

I enjoyed my brief return to the Land-O-Sugar tremendously...

So much so, that I it took more than a couple of 2-bite brownies AND a rice krispy treat for me to shake the "sugar spell".

Thankfully, I did so just before landing in a Diabetic Coma...

I said, "Oh my gosh, what am I doing?" and insisted that David remove the sinful confections from my presence right away.

He gladly obliged.

Such a good sport, that one.


Rach@In His Hands said...

Yay for fun goodies! Aren't friends and family the greatest!?

Kristen said...

Yeah for lots of showers and presents!!!

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