Tuesday, November 4, 2008

house update

This weekend was a super-important weekend in the life of our little bitty house... This weekend, we finally put the carpet in the new room.

Who knew that carpet could be good for your soul? Avery kept rolling around on the carpet saying, "comfy" and "my cahpet". If it weren't for my seriously large tummy, I would have been right there on the floor with her - giddily laughing and acting completely ridiculous.

David and a few VERY generous friends have been finishing dry wall, putting up trim, painting, and carpeting the room addition every single day and night for the last week or two.

Our little Charlie's room was painted a lovely shade of blue last week... Not the blue I had envisioned (because paint color almost never comes out right the first time you put it on the wall) but I didn't have the heart to ask David to change it.

At least, not right away...I'm seriously contemplating it though. I should probably wait a few more days, huh?

OH and ...My lovely Sewing Lady Friend came over last week to pick up the fabric to make Charlie's valance. As soon as the room is organized and put together, I'll post some pictures.

All this progress makes this rotund Mommy very, very, very happy. Slightly high from the paint fumes and sneezy from the dust clouds, but very happy.

My long, long, laundry list of "need to do's" is getting much shorter. I still need to:
1. wash and dry Charlie's clothes
2. wash and clean the swing cover, car seat cover, etc
3. get a Big Sister shirt for Avery
4. pack a bag for the hospital
5. get the construction dust out of my house. For good.
6. organize Avery's new playroom
7. organize Charlie's room
8. keep on craftin' - thus maintaining my sanity.

Not so bad, huh?


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

He's almost here! I can only imagine how relieved you are that things are coming together.

And...if you aren't happy with the paint color, redo it now...it will be easier now than later. :) And I now your sweet hubby won't mind...too much.

Rach@In His Hands said...

The room looks fab! I would have rolled around on it,too...nothing like new carpet!
I hope you get everything on your list crossed off...Charlie will be here soon! :-)

Southern Mama said...

Looking good! I know you can't wait!

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