Tuesday, October 7, 2008

what happens when mommy stops being nice?

People get scared.

Then people get movin'.

Particularly husbands.

After my melt-down on Friday, David called for reinforcements.

I imagine that the phone calls went something like this:
Jennifer's not doing so hot.
I need help. Stat.

We've got some super-great friends who were more than willing to help us out. Our friends John and Bryan spent all day on Saturday helping David in the yard. I seriously love them for working so hard- and I especially love their sweet wives for letting them come.

Avery loved watching Daddy and "Dohn" work in the yard through the window.

Honestly, I probably could have done the same thing, but I figured that standing in the yard and micro-managing might be just a tad obnoxious... and staring out the window all day might be a little bit creepy. Reluctantly, I decided to get out of the house for a few hours. I DID manage to slip these little yard plans into David's pocket when I left:

When Avery and I returned home, we heard honking coming from down the street. This is what we saw:

That, my friends is what we like to call classy. REALLL classy.
I laughed my rear off.


katie dunlap said...

Too funny! I have been wanting new landscaping, too, and now you have inspired me! I bet it looks great...you should post pictures. And, your previous post was sweet! You look GREAT! And you *WILL* have enough love for both kiddos. I felt the exact same way, but somehow God gives you plenty to go around for everyone :).

SarahHub said...

But he looks so excited!

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