Thursday, October 9, 2008

pretty papers and the VP debate

Oh how I wish, wish, wish I had a better camera!

Maribeth and I went to an Archiver's class last Wednesday night and got all inspired 'n stuff.

After the class, we spent approximately a year-and-a-half picking out fun papers and over-priced glittery what-nots to make our very own Halloween banners to hang in our houses...we could have stayed even longer had the Archiver's ladies been merciful enough to listen to our shameless begging for longer store hours.

Heartless Scrapbooking Meanies. ;-)

Maribeth and I are both married to Political Science Majors and self-professed Political Junkies and decided that watching the Vice-Presidential debates with them would be something short of water-torture.

I'm not lying when I tell you that the Presidential Debates are even more exciting to David than watching the Super Bowl.

SO last Thursday night, after the kiddos were tucked in bed, Maribeth came over to my house for some crafty awesomeness and David went over to watch the debate with Josh (on their big 'ol flatscreen - of course... because how else would you watch the Presidential Debates?).

A couple of hours later, David came home after all wild-eyed and jazzed up from heated conversation and debate madness.

Maribeth and I were wild-eyed and jazzed for a different reason... one not involving pausing the DVR and discussing in excruciating detail the various implications of each statement made in the VP Debate, but glittery prettiness and papered cuteness.

Here is the best photo I could find out of like a million-and-one possibilities.

Sadly, you can't see any of the teeny tiny glittery details in my picture, but they're there! I'm sure Maribeth's photos will be fabulous (since her husband is a photographer). Maybe you will get a better idea of the cuteness if she posts hers on her blog.

I am enjoying my Halloween banner so much. Every time I walk into my kitchen I get just a little happier. Cute things can boost my mood almost as much as this place. ALMOST.

By the way - if you live by a Graeter's Ice Cream Shop, you may be the luckiest person in the universe. We lived near them in when we were in Columbus, Ohio. I miss them like crazy.

Wonderful. Oh, so wonderful.

During my pregnancy with Avery, I had to force myself not to stop there every day. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that Graeter's is the best ice cream in the WORLD. It'll make you want to slap somebody. Seriously.


emilynokesmartin said...

You know you can order Graeter's!!! I have friends who sent it to us every year for Chrsitmas!!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

That banner is stinkin cute!! You are now my crafing hero. :) I get all crazy giddy when my projects work. :)

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...

that's it. i'm ordering some the minute charlie is born. from the hospital.

Kris J. said...

you are going to be seriously cracked out on sugar when charlie's born, girl! i'm for real bringing you big cookie. to the hospital. :) (and maybe brownies for david!)

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...

I'm totally planning on going into a sugar coma.

It's going to be ugly. Get ready.

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