Wednesday, October 15, 2008

almost wordless wednesday

I LOVE this picture! It's from our morning outing to the Zoo last week with our friends Faith and Kris. The girls decided that they wanted to hold hands all on their own. You should have seen Kris and me scramble to get pictures of the preciousness! Mine were all terrible, so I stole this one from Kris' website... I'm not ashamed either. So there.

Here's another one of the girls actually sitting next to each other without (gasp!) moving:

Notice that there's no blurriness in this picture. Getting this shot was lots of work for Kris and me. The two-year-old stillness lasted for approximately 2.4 seconds and involved some serious begging and bribery. It cost me the promise of one "lellow" starburst, a bite of my carefully rationed cheese stick (which she promptly spit out), a few sips of my diet coke,

...and what was left of my dignity.

Worth it. Totally.

Can you see now why I can't title this post as "Wordless Wednesday"? Chattiness has always been my downfall.


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Too precious! :) I know what a task it is to actually photograph busy little ones! Good job! :)
I love that you can't do wordless. :) That would so be me...

emilynokesmartin said...

Those pictures are the cutest!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

How cute are they?? And I too understand the one and two year-old spring in the bum syndrom.

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Such cute pictures of two precious girls. It's so sweet that they are such good friends.

Rach and Josh said...

Oh so adorable! Looks like it was a fun day together!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

You know your chattiness is part of your charm, right? :)

Both of these pictures are beyond cute, but I LOVE Avery's expression in the first one.

SarahHub said...

What great pictures! I love that you bribed her with a "lellow" Starburst!

And I love your chattiness!

Kris J. said...

aw i love the one of them sitting! and did it really last all of 2.4 seconds? eons in toddler time!

and the chattiness is totally part of your charm. :)

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