Wednesday, October 15, 2008

34 weeks and... c-r-a-z-y.

I think I have a new love language: It's Drywall.

Drywall dust has never looked more attractive. I sincerely mean that.

When David emerged from our room addition looking like this, Avery almost lost her mind. She kept saying, "carey!"

It took a little convincing before she recognized that this strange, ghostly-looking man was indeed her daddy.

Gunner took one look at him and went nuts too. I thought that he was going to eat David. He was not happy about Mr. 'Carey Dust Man. Not at all.

I have to say that I'm so proud of my Handi-Man. He's been working his rear-end off to help get the house finished for Charlie's arrival.

I've been working around the house too. Sort of.

When I was pregnant with Avery, a nice bowl of ice cream could calm my raging hormones and clear my racing thoughts in no time. A big 'ol bowl of cereal could almost make me forget about my lack of sleep and massive leg cramps.

There's nothing like a mint-chocolate chip milkshake to make all your troubles disappear...

With this pregnancy, however, I've been forced to think "sugar-free" and "low carb" when it comes to comfort.
If I eat one more stinkin' cheese stick I may go completely nutso.
It turns out that Comfort Food has a serious problem with being low-fat and healthy.

My solution? Crafting.

It's low-carb.
It's sugar-free.
More importantly, it's not a stinkin' cheese stick.

What WAS a brilliant solution has become a little bit of a problem, as of late. It seems that I've turned into a decoupaging-scrapbook-paper-buying-crazed-lunatic.

Here are some examples of my obsessed craziness from THIS WEEK:

First, I made a little sign for our door.
Because it was completely necessary.
It's all about practicality, people.

Then I made some blocks for Charlie's shelf in his room.
Again, totally necessary and practical.

While I had the Mod Podge out, I made these little frames with scrapbook papers and ribbon.
I liked them so much that I made some for Christmas too - 'cause I'm going to NEED those later.

After that, I started the "Halloween Craftiness Kick" that I've settled into for the last couple of days.

Funkins were 50% off at Hobby Lobby, so I decided to carve this one for Avery's room. I put one of those little fake lights inside to turn on at night.
She loves her "birthday cake" light and tries to blow it out at least 20 times a day.

Then, I made these votives out of food jars and crepe paper.
Avery painted the Mod Podge on the the outside and helped me put the paper squares on the jars. She kept saying, "I hep Mommy. I paint."
Then she got "diwrty" and decided to stop.
That girl can't stand being dirty.

I found this cute little project on another blog and decided that it would be fun to make. It's a candy cane garland - varnished to keep away the bugs.
This one almost made me nuts.
Just so you know, stringing candy corn is NOT recommended if you are preggo...especially if you have "The Sugah".
Too tempting.
Too frustrating.
But thankfully, also "too cute".
I only cheated a couple of times...

I decided to make these little gifts for Avery's teachers at preschool.
I had to make one for myself too, of course!

It isn't enough for ME to be crafty crazy...evidently, my innocent little one has started to catch the "fevah" too.
This craft is decidedly not super-original, but she LOVED painting her pumpkin cut-out for her daddy.
You should have seen her run up to him with that little pumpkin in her hand when he walked in the door after work.
She was so proud of herself and so pleased to give it to him. It was a really sweet moment.

There you have it.
Some pregnant women may eat pickles and ice cream...THIS pregnant woman is channeling Martha.
I'm officially crazy.


Barbee said...

Whoa! I think you may have an addiction here. But I must say that it is a very cute addiction. I will be copying your baby food jar votives for a craft for my 4-year-olds next week at school.

I haven't ventured too far into the scrapbooking world, knowing that if I entered, my wallet and I may never return.

Rach and Josh said...

Cute crafts!! I'm loving the halloween signs...I may have to take that idea! Thanks for sharing!

Ari said...

Now that was an awesomely impressive post!

Jamie said...

everything is so cute! love the happy halloween signs! you better get goin gon thanksgiving and christmas before charlie arrives, hehe!

Kris J. said...

wowza, you've been busy! i bought candy corn to copy your little garland thingy, but now realize i have nothing to seal it. so i'll probably just eat it all.

and i so need a sign for my front door, but it needs to say "i don't wanna be a jehovah's witness, thanks though!"

Collins Family said...

Those are fantastic...I may have to steal the baby sleeping it wood or ceramic?

emilynokesmartin said...

What you are is officially a Martha Jr!!! I'm so jealous, I only wish!!!

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...

The sign is one of those cheep-o wood pieces that you can get at Michael's for 99 cents. Nice and light.

I painted the back of the board with white paint and then glued scrapbook paper to the front of the board.

After that, I sanded the paper with a fine sandpaper pad (to age it).

Next, I painted Mod Podge over the paper and smoothed out the bubbles once it was a little more dry.

I had to drill the holes for the ribbon at the top, but that took like 2 seconds. The wood can split a little if you're not careful - since it's so light.

Pretty easy. Very fun!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Oh my word lady! :) You are going crazy with cuteness! Very cool!!! :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

What I want to know is, when are you going to open your own Etsy shop? For have some serious talent and I would be your first customer. :)

SarahHub said...

I am loving this stuff. I HAVE to make the candles and the garland. Sooo cute!

Margaret said...

Wow, I just saw all the things you have made and they are awesome! I love the blocks and the door signs...I am going to need to place an order...are you going into business?!?

Susan said...

I love those picture frames. How did you make them? Thanks.

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