Thursday, July 24, 2008

ugh. i'm "that mom".

The slightly stuck-up, idealistic, pre-mommy educator that I used to be always insisted that I wouldn't let my child watch T.V. until she was at least three (something I once read about brain development in the young child and ADHD or something).

The haggard, exhausted, pregnant mom that I have become is actually grateful to have a few minutes of silence (well, I guess Barney singing in the background doesn't officially count as "silence", but I'll take what I can get!) so she can get 10 minutes to put the laundry in the dryer or to unload the dishwasher.

Research be darned! At least I got my whites clean.

So - Have I become "That Mom"? The answer is definitely"yes".

Further examples of my "That Mom" status:
1. Opening an un-purchased bag of Goldfish crackers in the grocery store and allowing my child to "dig in" so that my child will stop screaming.

2. Running to the milk section, opening a container of milk and pouring it directly in the my child will stop screaming.

3. Sprinting to the baby section, opening a pacifier and sticking it in my infant's mouth my child will stop screaming.

3. Taking my child to Target in PJ's. More than once. Sometimes in PJ's that aren't even clean.

4. Contemplating (seriously - and more than once) buying a mini-van.

5. Allowing my child to eat fast food more than twice a week. Ok... maybe even more than that--as long as I'm being really honest here.

6. Allowing my child to watch Barney.

7. Watching Barney WITH my child.

8. Knowing all the words to every song on Yo! Gabba Gabba!

9. Humming a Yo! Gabba Gabba! song while doing the laundry.

10. Letting my child drink way too much of my Diet she will stop screaming.

11. Buying my child a pair of Crocs...and actually thinking that they are cute.

12. Being guilty of thinking, "Wow. My car's not even that dirty right now" because there is only half a box of crushed up cheerios and 3 sippy cups on the floor.


maribeth said...

i was the same way. and, a little insight for the future, it gets worse with each child! josh and i love to watch miller watch diego because he shouts out the answers with such enthusiasm-that could only be done by someone who watches it too often. oh well!

Southern Mama said...

I have always said that if we were ever suck in a snowstorm in our car we could totally live for a week on all the old food on the floor and under the car seats. AWFUL!!!

Kelly said...

yeah.. one of emma's first words were "veggie tales" when i was pregnant with ava. so sad!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Amen, amen, amen. And amen. So with you, sister. :)

Southern Mama said...

Oh I AM that Mom and no longer embarassed about it. he he he. I am somewhat proud of my creative ways to keep my kids quiet and happy!! (I even let Mae go out of the house in a pink fuzzy vest, a cowboy hat, and a red bandana around her neck. Along with purple minnie mouse flip flops of all things!)

Kris J. said...

oh girl, i'm right there with you and i don't even have the pregnant thing as an excuse, lol! faith starts her morning by saying, "milk? apple? boos coos?" you know, blue's clues. first thing in the morning. and she can do the motions to the song right along with steve.


The Parks Family said...

Wait until you break down and buy those Dora tennis shoes at Wal Mart - when you know you have always hated character clothing! I have done it!

My Blog said...

Research be darned! At least I got my whites clean.

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