Saturday, July 19, 2008

silly rabbit...

Jennifer gets lovely teacher gift for Easter.

Jennifer offers very fancy teacher gift to Carter - thinking. "Hmmm...Genius...the perfect way to get rid of this thing. Plus, she's 3, she'll love it."

Carter cherishes Jennifer's "heart-felt" gift. Because she's 3 and completely precious and unsuspecting... Poor thing! Ms. Jennifer feels a LITTLE bad, but not really.

Maribeth (Carter's mommy) says, "Gee... thanks, Ms.Jennifer. It's beautiful. Don't think that this is the last time you will see this, though."

Fast-forward 1 or 2 Months:
Bunny "mysteriously" shows up in Jennifer's front flower bed.

1 week later:
Bunny "mysteriously" returns to Maribeth's front yard.

1 more week later:
Bunny hops on over to Jennifer's house. In the same spot that he went to the last time. Not very creative, Mr. Bunny.

1 week after that:
Bunny makes a trip over to Maribeth's back yard to hang out in a super-cool hiding place. It takes Maribeth a while to find Mr. Bunny this time...ha!

2 weeks after that:
Bunny lands in the EXACT same spot that he ALWAYS comes to in Jennifer's yard. Bunny is totally lame.
However -- Bunny is now decked out for the 4th of July. Nice touch.

A couple of days later:
Bunny hides in the bushes at Maribeth's house in the middle of the night... Bunny is worried that he might get caught, but he is super quiet and runs --- er, I mean, hops--- quickly.

Jennifer and David drive home from vacation a week later, and discover Bunny's latest hiding place:
Jennifer's front yard - this time, the window box.

Bunny will not be staying here at our house for long...Mark my words.


maribeth said...

ummm, not exactly how the story goes. true, ms. jennifer gave an unsuspecting carter a piece of junk teacher present. but, bunny's trails may go a little differently. as for bunny making a return, uh, haven't seen him lately. huh, maybe ms.jennifer secretly enjoys bunny's presence in her window box . . . .

About Medicine Blog said...

Bunny makes a trip over to Maribeth's back
yard to hang out in a super-cool hiding place.

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