Sunday, July 27, 2008

a sneak peek at preciousness to come

Wednesday of last week, I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of my precious little man, Charlie, in a 4D ultrasound.

My heart did flip-flops when I saw my sweet, God given gift on the screen. What a privilege to carry a tiny life inside of me. A living, growing, little person with fingerprints and eyebrows and ten teency toes. A person whom God specifically created for His glory. The responsibility, the weight of it all - It's nothing short of mind-blowing.

Typically, those ultrasounds are done between 28-32 weeks gestation, but a friend of mine from book club knows a girl who was a Sonographer at night for a hospital here in town who offered to scan me for FREE. Since it was her last couple of days on the job, I had to do it a few weeks earlier than is ideal for the pictures, but FREE is always ideal for the budget!

We weren't expecting to get super-great pictures of our little guy since it was so early, but thankfully, we did! The Sonographer said that he was definitely a boy (whew! I've already indulged in a few purchases for him!) and that he was a little more plump than she expected him to be for his gestational period. I have to admit that hearing that he was already chubby-ish made me feel kind of I'm doing something right!

Look at the pictures and tell me if you see what I saw: David, David, David.

He has his daddy's mouth and chin, and Avery's sweet little nose. So precious!


Kris J. said...

oh, i just love these pictures!! i can't wait to see baby charlie in person :)

Martin Family said... are so lucky. We=hen we went, he wouldn't turn and we couldn't see anything. We waited until 32 weeks and then she said it was too late to try again. What a blessing you have in little Charlie..

Abbie Johnson said...

those are so cool! congrats! Wish I was going to actually get to meet him :(

(I got your blog link from the mommy board--hope you don't mind me checking in)


Mommy of Tyler and Chase said...

Awesome pictures! I think it is such a gift to see this "glimse" into their world inside. Adorable:) I love your blog about getting Avery cute! Having 2 is a blast and the crazy stories you hear are minimal:) Little girls love their on my blog friends and look up Madison Riley..she is about the age of Avery and has a little brother..she is precious with him...

courtney & garrett davis said...

that is so cool that you were already able to have a 4D!!! so exciting!!! little sam can't wait to meet him!

Medicine said...

A living, growing, little person with fingerprints and eyebrows and ten teency toes.

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