Wednesday, July 2, 2008

it's a...


Hooray! We are sooo excited. Charles Joseph Tillman will be born November 26, 2008. Little Charlie has a very special name. His first name is after David's dad. Most of you know that David's dad passed away from cancer when David was 19. He was an awesome, godly man who left an amazing legacy for his family. Charlie's middle name is a family name from my side. My grandfather, dad, and brother are all named Joseph. Plus -- I just love the story of Joseph from the Bible.

Here are some pictures from our doctor's visit today. Of course, we had to wait forever. Avery hung in there pretty well. We packed lots of toys, snacks, and books to keep her occupied. Honestly, I think that she would have much rather played with the biohazard trash can or the stirrups! Don't you just love that Avery's just hanging out by the contraceptive poster in the picture? Nice, right?

When we finally got to go to the ultrasound room, Avery insisted (loudly) on sitting in my lap. She then decided that she needed to help the Sonographer by holding the ultrasound-thingy with her. Isn't she cute? When baby Charlie appeared on the screen, she said, "baby!" really loudly. It was so sweet.

I kept telling my friends that I thought that the baby was a girl because I didn't want to get my hopes up. When I saw that little tell-tale sign that the baby is a boy, I just started crying and crying... It was so amazing. His little body is just perfect. He has 10 fingers, 10 toes, a healthy heart, spine, brain and kidneys. He was attempting to suck his little hand, but kept hiccuping and so his fist never quite made it to his mouth.

How amazing is it that a little person is growing inside of me? I am overwhelmed and thrilled by the miracle of life. I know that all you mothers out there will agree that seeing your little one growing inside of you is like nothing else in the world.


Tommy said...

What awesome news! Congrats on adding a little Charlie to your family!

Erica, Tommy & Bethany

Martin Family said...
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Martin Family said...

Glad to hear that he seems healthy. What an amazing gift you have been given. He will be the perfect addition to your sweet family. Congratulations!!

Amy Martin

Kress Smith said...

Yea!!! That's awesome:)

Kelly said...

Yea!!! We're excited for you guys!

Southern Mama said...

I'm so happy for you. There is nothing sweeter than the bond between mother and son.

Faith said...

Congrats!!! I know David is so excited and of course you too:)!

Kristen said...

Hey Jennifer! Linda Hall just gave me your blog, and I have had fun catching up on your life. Glad you guys are doing so well. And congratulations! That is very exciting news. We had our first boy on November 26 of last year! And Avery is absolutely precious and just beautiful. I look forward to reading your blog now!
Kristen Yaiko :)

Tyler's Mommy said...

Congrats! I have been trying to find you for years!!! I can't believe it:))) Avery is beautiful! How is David???You are going to love little boys. I have 2, Tyler is 3 and Chase is 8 months. We just moved to Frisco Texas last week. Would love to catch

Love, Colin Ley Smith

Breanne said...

Nov 26th...a great birthday too!

Medical Blog said...

Honestly, I think that she would have much rather
played with the biohazard trash can or the stirrups!

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