Friday, September 19, 2008

the thin line between love and hate

Today, I reached into my closet and found this:

Oh new clothes! I love you so...

There are few sounds in this world as beautiful as the little "pop" of pulling a tag off a new piece of clothing (especially when the little tag has two or more mark-down stickers on it).

New clothing makes me feel a little sassier, a little prettier, and for just a brief nanosecond in time, a little cooler. New clothes make my big 'ol pregnant tummy feel not-so-big and my rapidly expanding rear-end seem just a little smaller. I love new clothes.

The heart-felt passion I feel for wearing new clothes can only be paralleled by my intense hatred for washing them.

This is the evil, horrid, and VERY large pile of clothes in my bedroom. These clothes mock me when I wake up in the morning and glare at me when I crawl into bed at night. The scary thing is that they seem to be re-generating their evil spawn all over our house. The pile never grows smaller no matter what I do. I hate laundry.

Feeling all this love and hate in one small moment of time made me think of the other things in my life that I love and hate with equal passion.

By nature, I'm a sharer (all too many times, an over-sharer).

I share. It's what I do.

Unless something is gossip, mean, a private secret, OR David has made me promise to "put it in the vault" (the most serious of all requests), I just don't like to keep things to myself. I have found that sharing is much more fun than not sharing.

Since I find it truly painful to keep anything to myself...much less something as "pure and lovely" as a love/hate list...I'm going to share my list with you:
my friends and family...
and new bloggy buddies...
and strangers living in places I've never been....
and people I've never met out in the Blogosphere...

I hate this:

This is the room that used to be Gunner's room/Avery's playroom. It used to be organized and lovely. It used to be PRECIOUS and fun for my little Avery to play in.

Question: what is lovely and precious about this room now?
Answer: nada.

This room will eventually be Charlie's room, but in order for that to happen, our new addition has to be finished. When it is finished, all of Avery's toys will move on out to make way for our little man.

I hate to wait.
I hate disorganization.
I hate this room.
I can't wait to go "Clean House" on this room.
It's a shameful display, but I'm a sharer. So, there you go.

I LOVE this:

In a desperate attempt to reclaim order in my house, I went to Wal-mart and purchased these two lovely Towers-O-Organization. They roll. They store stuff. They ROCK. They make my life feel a little more sane. They were worth every single over-priced penny. They will go into my hall closet to create beauty and order. They make my heart happy.

Take a moment to soak up the fabulousness of it all. I did.

Love it:

Hate it:

Love it:

Hate it:

I'd much rather be on the beach than worrying about running late.
All. the. time.

Love it:

Hate (well...strongly dislike) it:

I guess I'll stop now. I'm sure I could sit here all night and just keep typing away, but I'll spare you.


Sonya said...

Oh, probably already know this, but I am just going to have to remind you that the laundry only goes from bad to worse not only with two (or more) kids, but as they get bigger, too. Make peace with the laundry. Be one with the laundry. There will always be laundry and it will eventually get done........someday..........maybe........or not.

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...

Booo!!!! Boooo!!!!

Colored With Memories said...

hey there! i'm just catching up on your blog.

congrats on your award! jackie is the best! love your place here too!

avery is precious...she shares the name of my niece.

i understand you have sorry. i was like one point off from having that with jade. and since i do blood thinner shots all through pregnancy...pricey and painful like your stuff...i didn't want to add anything else.

Charlie will be here before you know least maybe baby blue laundry will be fun for a while!

Colored With Memories said...

totally random, but i just noticed several visits from Owosso, MI on your feedjit. That is the tiny town where my g-ma lives and my mom grew you know anyone there?

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ok, now you made me start my own hate it/love it list in my head. And it is lengthy. :)

I could not agree more about the clock. HATE IT.

Sometimes my best friend (who also only has 1 child) and I sit and commiserate with each other how much laundry we have, and then we wonder why we have so much because there are only 3 people in the house. It's a mystery.

Lisa said...

I have an Avery, too!

The picture of the three of you on the beach is SO precious.

Lorie said...

I love your post-
I hate that you have GD- I hope it goes with the birth of the lil precious.
I love your pictures and your honesty.
I hate laundry too. Someday far away but sooner than you think-those kids grow up and help with laundry-that's good aint it!!!
Be blessed sweet girl!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Really seriously great - and super relatable list. :) Laundry does seem to have this weird multiplying thing going on...mysterious indeed. :)
I so love that picture of you 3. It is gorgeous!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

What a great post!

I hate the piles of paper in the office...the minute I widdle them down, there's more!!! Never ending.

But I love the 2 seconds it's clean ;)

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