Friday, September 5, 2008

daddy date

One day a week, I go to work all by myself (!) while Avery spends the day with David.

David has come to love his special day with Avery and looks forward to it all week. She may not be wearing clean clothes, a bow (*gasp!*), or even matching shoes when I come home, but she's happy and feeling very, very loved by her daddy. A fact that warms my heart, thrills me beyond belief, and (almost) makes me forget about the horrifying non-bow-wearing-business... at least for a moment or two.

David tries hard to find fun activities for he and Avery to do together on their special day. They've taken trips to the zoo, read books at the local bookstore, spent time playing at the mall playground, and gone to lunch with friends. You know, good, clean, family-friendly stuff.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that last week's Daddy/Daughter Date wasn't quite as "family-friendly" as previous days. Last week's date was to a little store called... GUNS AND AMMO.

Don't bother grabbing your bi-focals, tri-focals, or binoculars. You read it correctly the first time.

I don't think that I need to waste time trying to explain what kind of store Guns and Ammo is. The name pretty much says it all.

My husband: worship-pastor, servant-hearted leader, loving father, and...Gun-Toting Republican.

Lest you should think that my sweet husband is some crazy wacko, here's a bit of back-story:
David grew up watching and learning from a dad who worked as a U.S. Postal Inspector for many years. After college, David made plans to work toward a career in Federal Law Enforcement. In preparation for his career ambition, he spent a few years as a Sheriff's Deputy in Local Law Enforcement.

That's about the time that God decided to shake things up a little and called him to Full-Time Ministry. A pretty big change in direction to be sure, but isn't that the way that God always seems to do things?

AnyWHOO ---
David's history with the not-so-desirable element of our city has made it nearly impossible for him to view any place here as "safe". As a result, he pretty much has a gun on him at all times... Hence the trip to Guns and Ammo to purchase gun accessories and various accoutrements (with our TODDLER).

So there you have it: The story of Avery's first trip to the gun store.

I'm definitely writing that one in the Baby Book!


The Moseley Family said...

that is too funny!! that is great they have that day together! how nice :) Noah still loves watching your daughter :))

Southern Mama said...

This is so funny. One time my entire family went to the beach. The "girls" went shopping--along with Will. Rusty and "the boys" including John Russel had a wonderful boy lunch at Hooters!!! John Russel still talks about the Owl Place with the ladies with the brown panties ( his term form panty hose) Talk about nice!!!

SarahHub said...

Too funny!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

"Gun toting Republican" HA! Me to!...well, without the gun though... :)

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