Wednesday, September 3, 2008

..i got the sugah

I just got back from my Gestational Diabetes Screening.

The good news:
I didn't puke!
I may have felt like puking, but thankfully, the "Glucola" (For real. That's what it's called. How can that nasty yuckiness be compared in any way to COLA?) stayed where it needed to stay.

The bad news:
My diet will be changing considerably from now on. Not only did I fail the test, I failed miserably. This is after I ate hummus and carrots before bed, and egg whites and water for breakfast.

When the nurse practitioner told me that I wouldn't need to come back for the 3-hour Glucose test, I was relieved. When she told me it was because I my blood sugar was so high that another test wasn't necessary, I felt sad.

Good-bye carbs. Good-bye sugar. Good-bye sitting on the couch. Good-bye yumminess. Good-bye fun.

Quite frankly, the lecture/talk I got after the diagnosis scared the pants off of me. Evidently, if I don't want my KIDNEYS TO FAIL or my FEET TO FALL OFF later in life, I'll need to change a few things in my life... FOREVER. Since it turns out you kinda need your kidneys and your feet, I will comply. So sad...

It's becoming quite evident that pregnancy and I just don't mix well.

As soon as I heard the word "Gestational Diabetes", I thought of Lavell Crawford's comedy sketch about Diabetes for Last Comic Standing. I found it on Youtube so I could share it here. There are a couple of PG-13ish comments in there, but it's seriously hilarious!

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself. It makes life so much easier!


maribeth said...

wah-wahhh! i am so sad for you! i don't like these trends that y'all start at school. now, everyone has gestational diabetes! so, so sad!

Kris J. said...

aww, super sad, jen! but at least this way you can't gain a jillion pounds like i did with faith, right?? that's so stinky GD!

Sonya said...

That stinks! So sorry! At least you got to eat fun at the beginning? The end product is ALWAYS worth it, though!! Hugs!

Jodie said...

At least you got to put Levell Crawford on your blog, right? Add that one to the plus side :) Sorry, Jen. sniff-sniff.

rachel said...

so sorry jen. what else to say? i can tell you my experience (i'm a pediatric dietitian) the dialysis diet (for people in kidney failure) is much worse than a diabetic diet. is that something to be thankful for?

SarahHub said...

Well, at least you didn't puke...

Sorry to hear you "failed" the test. We probably all need to lay off the "sugah" though.

At least you'll have a sweet little one to gobble up soon!

Lorie said...

Jennifer,my best friend's daughter had it very bad in her first pregnancy and she did what they told her-good news -it was
completely gone after pregnancy -even better news she did not get it during her 2nd pregnancy.
Be careful and do what they say and we are praying it will be gone in Nov. with your baby darlin's arrival!
Be blessed!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Aw, I'm sorry!


Ah well. If this is the worst news you hear this pregnancy, you are still very very blessed, right?

(Just sharing a pep talk I would try to give to myself!)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

PS I am glad you got to skip the 3 hour. I had to do that once. Bor-ing.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ohhh, I'm sorry, girl! But just keep telling yourself that it will be so worth it once you hold that precious healthy baby boy.

So are they telling you it will all go away once the pregnancy is over? Or do you still have to follow somewhat of a diet afterwards too?

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I am greiving for you over the loss of all things yummy...dang it.

If only broccoli and carrots tasted like twinkies and snickers...

Justice Jonesie said...

So sorry you failed the test. Being preggers is supposed to be your opp to eat anything you want. At least you will still have your feet and kidneys when this is all done.

Jennie said...

Whata bummer! Though it may not be so encouraging in light of having to say bye bye to Oreos and chips, I think you'll find that you actually do feel lots better without the processed food and sweets. Less heartburn, less swelling, etc. Eat protein with the carbs (even fruits and veggies) and that should help keep the blood sugar level. And it's worth's not forever!

BTW, I'm the blog visitor from Castroville, TX that's on the live traffic feed, in case you were wondering. I've enjoyed reading your blog!

Jennie Dagerath

Kristen said...

Ah! I am so sorry to hear that Jennifer! I was so nervous to do my test, especially when I remembered you telling me that you puked after your one with Avery. I know it sounds gross, but the Jello brand fat free, sugar free chocolate pudding is good!

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