Wednesday, September 3, 2008

kidz bop creepiness

So I was watching Yo! Gabba! Gabba! with Avery the other day (amazing, brain-stimulating television, by the way) and a commercial for Kidz Bop came on.

Have you seen these commercials?

My reaction as it occured in the moments after viewing the commercial:
eye-rolling, followed by a chuckle, followed by complete bewilderment, followed by a little vomit in the mouth.

At first, I thought I was watching some sort of joke. It was almost funny: a bunch of elementary-aged children dancing around and singing about "being in love", "breaking up", and "partying like a rockstar". WHAT???? That's just silly.

When it really hit me that the commercial was NOT a joke, I felt a little creeped out. Make that A LOT creeped out.

I'm not trying to go all Janet Parshall or Vicky Courtney on you ('cause, Girl, I can't EVEN come close to being in the same ballpark with those ladies)... but I AM going to ask a question or two:

Why can't our sweet little girls and boys stay... little?
Why the rush to push them into a world that is all too ready to swallow them whole?

It makes me so sad. It makes me want to sweep up my innocent little one and keep her in a bubble forever.

I'm pretty sure that a young boy or girl has no clue about the meaning behind many of those lyrics, but does that make it OK for them to sing them anyway?

For that matter, why is it considered cute or clever to buy items of clothing for small children that say things like, "spoiled", "diva", or "trouble-maker"? I don't know many Christian parents who truly desire to raise a "diva" or "trouble-maker", so why are we buying clothing that labels them that way?

When we parents purchase these items for our little ones, aren't we just teaching them that it's cute, funny, and even acceptable to be "spoiled", a "diva", or a "trouble-maker"?

It makes me realize that what we do as parents really matters. I mean REALLY matters. Just something to think about...


mamatutwo said...

Very cute blog! Congratulations on not throwing up after that disgusting test...yuck!

maribeth said...

amen! preach it, sister!

Kristen said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I was shopping with my niece for clothes a long time ago, and I remember struggling even with all the styles they had for third graders, trying to make them look way too old. I want them to stay young and innocent! I loved that Worthington had uniforms for that reason.

Ari said...

It's so sad. They should be singing Kidcity songs instead!! Get 'em a cd!! :-)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I second that. Completely.

katie said...

Tell me about it. I cringe every time one of those kidz bop commercials come on. It's absolutely ridiculous. And my boys are old enough to think it's kind of cool. I had to tell them otherwise. Glad you didn't puke the other day :).

SarahHub said...

We don't watch much TV yet, just Tivo'd Backyardigans, so I haven't seen these commercials.

I think about this a lot. Even things that seem harmless, like bikinis on babies, bother me. I want to keep her a child as long as I can. The grown-up world seems to creep in an awful lot, though.

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