Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Puerto Vallarta

Dear, Sweet, Peurto Vallarta.
Oh how I miss you.

You were my favorite.

Oh you...

Posting these pictures while surrounded by piles of laundry and our impending move (more on that later) hoovering like an annoying hoovering-thingy over my head is kinda torturous.

Just for a minute, I'm going to pretend that the laundry doesn't exist and enjoy the memories...the beautiful memories...

On our official anniversary, David and I took a boat out to John Houston's private getaway.

And evidently, I'm not a "small boat gal".
The choppy waves were mean.
Really mean.
And my breakfast may - or may not- have protested in a tiny, rocking, stinky bathroom at the bottom of the boat.

But truly - I would have done it again to see this:
And have lunch here:

And take cheesy pictures with random animals:

And take a guided walk through the tropical forrest.

It was...dreamy.
And totally devoid of laundry piles.

That evening we went to dinner on the ship.

And for dessert, the waiter brought us this:

The perfect ending to the perfect anniversary day.

Now... on to laundry.
And hunting down a few million boxes.

1 comment:

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

*I'm not jealous . I'm not jealous . I'm not jealous*
Hey - I'm not jealous of the laundry piles... ;)
Seriously - this is like a STORY BOOK! :) I love the pictures and yoru descriptions.

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