Sunday, June 27, 2010

i'm a model, you know what i mean...

Avery has become quite the - ahem - model lately.
When the camera comes out, the drama begins.

We call this one "The Tyra"
And then there's the standard, "Work it, girl" pose:

And we can't forget the infamous "Tiger".
And the "Heeey, Girl"...

She's coy. So very coy.
This one looks suspiciously similar to the "Blue Steel".

The photo session was in full swing when Charlie decided to join in the fun.

Much to my suprise, Little Princess Mine-o-saur graciously allowed him to sit for a second.

Just as I was beginning to feel quite proud of her for sharing "the precious" - and just when Charlie was truly beginning to really enjoy himself...

She decided he was done.


Looks like no one bothered to tell Charlie that models can be real Divas.


Jill said...

She definitely knows how to work it! I LOVE her outfit!

Collins Family said...

They are adorable! Love it! Great pictures...what kind of camera are you using?

Molly said...

hysterical....the last picture looks like she is saying
"is there a problem here?"

Colored With Memories said...

love it! poor's tough having to learn these things at such a young age!


Tiffany said...

She could be a model. She's gorgeous! Love these photos! Poor Charlie. Oh, poor brothers of big sisters in general.

Oh, had to share this with you real quick...I now live close to and am friends with Tiffany (Grist) Sharp. She said you and your husband used to teach her Sunday School class in Memphis ? or something like that! Such a small world!

Rebecca said...

Your posts crack me up!!

Gina said...

WHERE did you get Avery's outfit????? LOVE. IT.

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