Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mazatlan, mexico

Our second stop on our anniversary cruise was Mazatlan, Mexico.
The Cruiseship Director described Mazatlan as a "Sleepy little fishing villiage". Since this wasn't our first cruise, we knew that "Sleepy fishing village" is Cruise Code for "Lame Cruise Ship Stop".

With that valuable information in our back pocket, we decided to take that day to buy a few goodies for the kiddos and family.

There were loads of cheesy trinkets. Everywhere.
And even a K-Mart. Of sorts.
After some browsing, we stopped for lunch at a place on the beach.
The view was so lovely from the restaraunt.

Which turned out to be the perfect place to spy on the C-R-A-Z-Y, and completely relentless vendors.
Want a carved fish?
Want your hair braided?
Absolutely not.
Want some fake Ray Bans?
I'll pass.
Dora T-Shirt in Espanol?
Absoutley. Because that's HILARIOUS!

This made me smile a little:
And this just made me happy:
Banners and Garlands - in any country - are just plain happy, don'tcha think?

1 comment:

Beth said...

Did the vendors sing to you and then get offended when you didn't give them enough money? Ha! So sad we weren't there with y'all!!

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