Monday, June 2, 2008

what in the world????

What do you do about this?

This is a picture of Avery's severely abused thumb. She is an avid thumb-sucker these days and has managed to beat her little thumb to a pulp. The picture doesn't do it justice. Her poor thumb is as red as a tomato, blistered, and cracked. It looks really painful, but she doesn't act like it bothers her a bit. It makes Mommy VERY sad to look at. I'm thinking that we need to go to the doctor, but I have this fear that he will tell me that I need to try to break her from thumb-sucking. That is one of her biggest pleasures in life. I just don't know if I have the heart to do that just yet.


Collins Family said...

I had a friend who taped a baby sock around the hand of her daughter to sway her from mutilating her little thumb...silly, but may work ??? Or maybe that bitter apple stuff you can put on your nails to stop nail biting??? You will have to update us on this one :)

Dr. Health said...

That is one of her biggest pleasures in life.

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