Thursday, June 26, 2008

girl or boy?

So --- I've taken a few online quizzes that are supposed to "predict" the sex of your baby according to Old Wives Tales. The results have been pretty much useless. The last one I took online said that I have a 59% chance of having a boy and 40% chance of having a girl. I think that my doctor would say that those stats are probably right. I have about the same chance of having a boy as having a girl! Nice.

I guess we will have to wait for the official results after our ultrasound next week.

Anyway - According to the online quiz, here are the "reasons" for my results:

And Here's Why...
You are carrying the extra weight out front, so it's a boy.
The hair on your legs is not growing any faster during your preganacy, so it's a girl.
Boys are carried low. You are going to have a boy.
Sleeping in a bed with your pillow to the south indicates that you will be having a girl.
Your feet are not colder than they were before pregnancy. You are having a girl.
You refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread. You are having a girl.
Dad-to-be hasn't been gaining weight along with Mom-to-be, so it will be a girl.
The maternal grandmother has gray hair, so a boy will be born.
You had morning sickness early in pregnancy, so you are expecting a girl.
You are looking particularly good during pregnancy. Therefore, it must be a boy, because girls steal their mother's looks.
Your chest development has not been very dramatic during pregnancy. You should expect a boy.
Since the sum of the mother's age at conception and the number of the month of conception is even, it will be a boy.
A needle on a thread held over you belly moves from side-to-side, so it will be a girl.
Your urine is a bright neon yellow color, so you will have a boy.
You have a craving for salty or sour foods, which means that it is a boy.
Your nose hasn't changed during pregnancy, which indicates a girl.
You have been craving meats or cheeses, so it is a boy.
Your baby's heart rate is 140 or more beats per minute, so it's a girl.
You have no desire for orange juice, so it's a boy.
Your belly looks like a basketball, so it's a boy.
You show the back of your hand, so it's a boy.
You use the handle, so it's a boy.


Jodie said...

ha! what the heck is showing the back of your hand and using a handle?? i can't wait to find out!!! (the sex of your baby, that is)

My Blog said...

I have about the same chance of
having a boy as having a girl.

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