Monday, June 2, 2008

David is home!

I promised David that while he was away last week that I wouldn't post anything about his absence. He is always thinking about safety. I love that about him. I guess the obsession with safety comes from his days as a cop and growing up with a dad who was in law enforcement. He made me promise while I was gone to make sure every door was locked and all of the exterior lights were on during the night. I dutifully complied with all his wishes while he was away. I even gave the dog a bath and took the trash to the street all by myself.

Sow now that he is home, let me just say that I have a new-found respect for single moms and all the work they do. Happily, the nausea from my first trimester is now waning, but the beginning of my week without Dave was really rough. Nausea and a toddler DO NOT mix. Thankfully, I had lots of friends and family to help me out while he was gone. I am glad that David was able to go on such an amazing trip, but I am really, really glad that he is back.

David spent last week in London, England at a worship pastor's retreat led by Tim Hughes and the team at Worship Central. He was one of just 20 people chosen out of many applicants from all over the world. He met a lot of really great people, ate some crazy food, and played a "proper game of football" while he was there.

I am trying to get him to post some info about his trip for all who care to read about it. He's loaded the pictures into the computer --- so that's half the battle. He just promised me that he will do it tomorrow. We have that on record... so... there you have it, folks.

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I even gave the dog a bath and took the trash to the street all by myself.

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