Thursday, June 26, 2008

having fun "owdide"

Avery loves to be "owdide". Since It's been so hot, I try to limit our outside time to the early morning or early evening hours. She loves throwing sticks to Gunner in the backyard ("two, two, GO!") and attempting to slide down her steeper-than-it-should-be-for-mommy-to-feel-comfortable slide. But her new obsession is anything she calls "A-ee" a.k.a "Avery". "A-ee" is coloring, drawing with chalk, painting, using her magic writing board, or writing with bathtub crayons. We discovered that the reason she calls drawing "Avery" is because mommy and daddy always write her name when we color with her. Pretty clever, huh? Anyway - she loves to go to our carport and color with chalk. She lies on her tummy and colors (thus causing more laundry for mommy right away) and then goes to lie on her back so that we will "tace" her outline. It is the funniest thing! She will make us do it like a million times in a row and never seems to tire of it! She cracks me up!

Translation Recap:
owdide - outside
lide - slide
tick - stick
A-ee - coloring
two, two, GO! - counting
tace - trace

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Dr. Health said...

But her new obsession is anything she calls "A-ee" a.k.a "Avery". "A-ee" is coloring,

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