Thursday, April 7, 2011


Avery has a new friend.
Her name is Katie.
She's 19.
And has a purple car.
And a cat.
And lives a couple of houses away from our house.
In the brown house, I think.
Katie is full of useful information.
She loves the same things that Avery loves and hates the same things that she hates.
Avery talks about her constantly.
She talks with her constantly.
They go everywhere together.
They are total BFF's.

It would probably be a little weird if she weren't imaginary.

Here she is (on what was clearly a very windy afternoon) sitting next to Katie after I asked her to pose with her.
 Here she is taking a little walk with her...
 and pushing her on the swings (while talking to her about how she shouldn't be scared to swing high).
Avery even has Charlie talking about Katie from time to time.
Oh Goodness.


beth said...

That is sooooooo funny! Avery is one imaginative little girl. I mean, all those details, that is serious:)

Rebecca said...

Hahahaha! The best is the pic of her holding her hand while walking!

suehall said...

So cute! My youngest also had an imaginary friend. Her friend was named Lizzy. I have since read that children who have imaginary friends are very intelligent.

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