Tuesday, March 17, 2009

just another manic sunday

Sometimes being married to a minister means that you've gotta put on your "big girl pants".

David leaves to go to church very (and I mean very) early on Sunday mornings.

That means that the very (and I mean very) spoiled Jennifer has to do all the work on Sunday mornings. Work that I normally have help with: diapers, dressing, feeding, etc.
I even have to make my own coffee, ya'll.
It's just not right.

Before I had kids, I managed to be on time to church - most Sundays.
After I had Avery, I typically ran about 15 minutes late to church, but could still squeak in for the last part of worship.
These days, I'm running about 30 minutes late for church.

This week, however, was a monumental week for me.
This week, I was only 20 minutes late for church.
I shaved 10 whole minutes off my time - not bad!
Maybe next week, we'll try for 18 minutes.

Baby steps, people.

My problem is that I never seem to plan for the inevitable problems that arise on Sunday mornings.
Trouble-shooting. I need to do more trouble-shooting.

In an effort to understand exactly where I'm getting tripped up, I thought I'd write out my typical morning routine and go from there.
Wake up

Change diapers

Feed the kiddos

Drink 1/2 cup of coffee

Dress kiddos

Re-heat coffee

Dress myself

Hear Charlie crying in the next room.

Say, "Hey - if he's screaming, it means he doesn't like what you are doing!"

Pray a quick, but fervent prayer that Charlie makes it through life with a crazy big sister.

Re-heat coffee. Again.

Change one or both of the kids out of pooped on/spit up on/colored on/food splattered on clothes and back into new clothes

Beg Avery to let me fix her hair

Tell Avery that she can't wear her Crocs with her smocked dress

Look for cell phone

Look for keys

Look for sippy cup

Pack diaper bag

Beg Avery to get in the car

Put Charlie in the carseat

Chase Avery down the driveway in THESE heels (church is the only place I get to wear them anymore - and I'm WEARING them)

Threaten to give Avery a spanking if she doesn't get in the car

Wrestle Avery into the carseat

Realize that I left the diaper bag in the house

Run through Itty Bitty House like a Mad Woman looking for diaper bag

Jump in the car

Listen to my CD player try in vain to eject the PENNY that was shoved into it a WEEK ago.

Try to explain to Avery that we can't listen to her Raffi CD because she put a PENNY into the CD player

Put my makeup on in the car

Drink last sip of cold coffee.

Try to find a parking spot in packed parking lot

Look for an available spot in the Senior Adult parking section (so naughty!)

Realize that someone else already had that idea (so naughty!)

Head to the back of the parking lot. Where the late losers park.

Make my own parking spot

Finish putting makeup on.

Strap on the sling

Try to shove my chubby monkey boy into the sling

Grab Bible, bags, and Avery

Try to convince Avery to walk on her own

Listen to Avery scream to be held

Sigh and carry her and Charlie at the same time

Make the one meellion mile trek to the church (in my pretty heels) from the back of the parking lot where I finally found made a parking spot.

Walk in very (and I mean very) late to church looking like this:

and feeling like this:

SO - any clue where the problem is?

And don't even think of suggesting that I wear tennis shoes with my skirt - cause that 'aint even happening.
If I have to wear my "big girl pants", I'm going to have on pretty shoes too.


Carrie said...

That was so cute! Heres my suggestion it may not help on time but it would help on treckin through the parking lot hauling a baby, bible, and diaper bag. Instead of parking in the senior parking have your husband double park and take his spare key and move his car into one spot when you arrive :) That would just be wrong wouldn't it!

Rach@In His Hands said...

You are the most adorable thing ever!

I'm ALWAYS running late. People at our church like to arrive 30 minutes early. Sorry folks. I may be married to the soon-to-be preacher, but this gal is definitely not going to be that early...I can barely make it on time!

Thanks for the glimpse into my future life. ;-) At least we'll look cute!

Mommy of Tyler and Chase said...

I love the last picture of the monkey..seriously..that is what motherhood feels like on many days!
You look hot! and so do your shoes!
Love, Colin

Kelli said...

Lists, and packing the night before...that's my suggestion. Setting clothes out the night before, getting the diaper bag ready, quick breakfast food available, put your Bible next to your purse with cell phone, keys, etc. This should take 10 minutes and save you millions more on Sunday mornings.
Love the shoes!

Cassandra @ Tripping Around The Sun said...

Been there and still do that--two things (especially with they are so close in size and age)...gotta do as much the night before as you can...and I used to put mine in the stroller and load everything onto that...then I'd park it in a corner of the ladies room out of the way...bigger church building helped make that not so wierd...but for the record...you looked totally adorable. I think you feel more harried than you actually look...the baby looks totally happy and content in his sling! :)

Sonya @ Balentine Bliss said...

I totally relate to that - I had to drop out of the worship team when Perri was born because I just couldn't make it to rehearsal in time, much less the worship service.

We are doing better now that we all have to get there at 7:30. We actually are on time most of the time. It only took us FIVE years to "get it together" and honestly, it wasn't until they were able to start dressing themselves when things started getting better.

Hey, you do the best you can - that's the important thing!

Hugs, girl!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

OMG this is why I have ONE. :) I am WORN out reading that!!!!! Hey, the one meeellion mile trek gives you awesome legs, so be glad for that. I am late ALL THE TIME so I am absolutely no help -- case in point...sitting on the computer instead of getting in the car. Hey, Y&R is better this week, me likey.

maribeth said...

i fell ya, sister! and it only gets worse with 3. setting things out the night before is key, especially if it has to be ironed. i also pack bags the night before. but the trouble shooting, i really don't think it matters-the more you plan for, the more they will find to get into. plus, the longer you are in the house, the higher your chances are that they will find something to make you later. as for the hubby, the few times in the past four and a half years mine has been home to help out, we have been just as late. i honestly think carrying the toddler makes it quicker. i look just like that but with a four year old right behind me that i continually bark "hurry, walk faster, keep up" to. i honestly feel like it is almost over by the time i sit down!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ohhhhhh. I wouldn't dream of telling you to wear tennis shoes - it's those cute shoes that keep us going sometimes, right?

I know it's probably not funny on Sunday morning, but this whole thing is pretty hysterical when you write it out like this. The thing is, how can you trouble-shoot if you don't know what's going to happen? You just have to roll with it.

You look so darn cute, I would never have guessed that you just went through all of that before arriving at church.

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

I have a theory that even if I got up thirty minutes earlier I'd still run late..there would just be more times for items on that list :) I feel your pain!

Aubrey said...

Oh yes! The fun of getting the kiddos and yourself ready and out the door on time! When you figure it out, let me know. PLEASE!!

Coming over from SITS! Welcome!!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Completely relate to this!! :)

Every other week Dave has to go in to church (too)early, so I have to get the three monkeys dressed all cute, fed, and out the door for the 20 minute drive there myself.

I tend to run a bit late... :)

You are gorgeous girl!! :) I know that you really are hurried in the picture - but you sure don't look it. :)

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I can totally relate to this post. Although my girls are older now and can mostly get ready themselves now (minus the fixing of hair and checking of brushed teeth), the mornings still include lots of "hurry up"s.

Now, it's even harder because we sold one of our vehicles. We must be there for all 3 services to wait for him. And, then there's when I sing ... all 4 services.

Just know it gets easier as they get older, but you're gonna miss these days.

Molly said...

Bless your little ole heart! You keep wearin' those pretty shoes!

Shea said...

Too cute... and I was complaining about the time change!

Jensen's est. 2005 said...

made me laugh as i remembered that i was 30 minutes late to church last sunday, and i only have one child!

Brittany said...

I'm tired just reading your Sunday morning schedule! Whew!

LOVE the adorable heels (the kids are cute too)!

Growin' with it! said...

hey jennifer! i spied you on married to the ministry. and what a day to have this post be my first one. can i identify?...YOU BET. i remember growing up how we'd all be cranky & fighting in the car and then walk into church all fake happy and hmm, yep..i see it again years later in my own sweet family.

love the heels!
and nice to meetcha.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

It's times like these that living in the parsonage, 27 steps away from church makes it easy...I just send them on over one at a time as I get them ready ;)

LOVE the heels, you're right, they're a total must. :)

Colored With Memories said...

loved this...and so relate. i do not miss the days when jerry was on staff at our church...and we only had one kid then. two? i'd just have to have him call me with where to meet him for lunch! :)

Anonymous said...

I am the pastor's wife of four kids, three of them toddlers. In order to make it to the service on time we aim to get there an hour early.
I put out everything I can the night before: the kids pick out their clothes, (two outfits each) socks, and BOTH shoes(and leave them out of reach in my bedroom) the diaper bag is packed and put in the car, (I use crystal light drink mix because I can leave it out over night) the clothes for myself and husband (two shirts for him) are put out, his shoes shined the night before, Bibles are in the car, kids have baths the night before, (and so do I.)
I drink my coffee while he's getting ready, and wake the kids up, and feed them breakfast in their pajamas. By the time he's out the door, they've done everything but get dressed. As soon as he leaves, we put clothes on, and head out the door.
Sunday mornings are tired and stressful ... I usually try to make something during the week that I can reheat for lunch so that I dont have to come home to cook.
Hang in there, it IS doable.

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