Thursday, May 27, 2010

take me out to the ballgame

We love our city's AAA baseball team - and a couple of weeks ago we went to a game with some friends from church.

The stadium is downtown - which meant we had to park in a parking garage and walk a little way to get there.

We entertained ourselves by doing a little "window shopping" and found a store that sold these awesomely bad sunglasses...
and - aparently, "panchoes" and "umbralla".
For those of you who are paying attention, that's several panchoes, but only ONE umbralla.

...and Avery found what could only be described as a 3 year old's dream car:
Come to think of it - a car full of money may be my version of a dream car too...

Here's Avery on the way to the game showing off her new Spiderman impression.
We do it pretty much...everywhere.
Good stuff.
When we got to the stadium, they were giving out Mickey ears to the first 200 kids through the gate.
It's beyond rare for us to be on time anywhere - much less EARLY - so getting those ears was pretty much a miracle.
We were given tickets to a super swank suite for the evening.
I'm not going to lie: I felt pretty fancy heading up to our "suite" for the game.
Make that very fancy.
And cool.
Definitely cool.

Avery and Charlie were oblivious to the coolness of the suite, but totally enthralled by all the action going on on the field.
The excitement wore off after an hour or so - and my little man started getting a little sleepy. These days he's such a busy, busy boy that I totally relish those rare, still moments.
A fun time was had by all -
Can't wait for the next one!

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PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Great pictures.. Love going to the Redbirds games!

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