Monday, May 10, 2010

art show

I love Art.

Maybe it's the Preschool Teacher in me, but no other kind of art in the world makes my heart happier than kid-created art: the freedom, the messiness, the simplicity, the pure creativity - it's just the best.

Each April, our Preschool hosts an Art Show featuring the student's art projects throughout the year.

We line just about every square inch of the school with beautifully imperfect preschooler-made lovliness.  
This year, one of my favorite displays was my 5-year-old class' beginning and end-of-the-year self-portraits.

I love seeing the different ways that kid's depict themeselves on  paper:
Some kids draw themselves with enormous arms or crazy spider-like fingers and gigantic heads, while others draw a mouth full of crazy, jagged teeth.

Then there are the precocious few who go to great lengths to include the most minute details about their anatomy.

Those are the ones Ms. Jennifer has to sensor.
And then hide.
But only after sharing a giggle with mom and dad first.
Because honestly, who doesn't giggle over that?

Another of my favorites was our class-created alphabet chart display.
We worked on it all year, and the culmination of my class' individual efforts turned out just too precious. The crazy, hodge-podgi-ness of it all totally screams "preschool" to me.
Avery and her little friend Faith enjoyed the art show almost as much as I did.
Dressing up is the ultimate when you're three.

That and a few shots of super-sugary lemonade.
Right before bedtime.
Gotta love that.

After I said hello to the parents and kiddos in my class, David, Charlie, my mom and I headed over to Avery's classroom to check out her Art work.

Thankfully, the lemonade-induced sugar high was starting to wear off a little by that time.  

My kiddos collapsed in the car on the way home - which is the ultimate Good Times Litmus Test.

Until next year, Art Show!

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