Wednesday, May 12, 2010

say hello to my little friend

Her name is Natalie.

Yep. Natalie.

She's fabulous and quickly shaping up to be my new best friend.

David bought her for me for Mother's Day.

Who says you can't buy friendship?
Come to think of it, I don't think anybody says that.
The saying is: "You can't buy love". Right?
And I think there's another one that goes: "Money can't buy happiness".
But I'm not sure that either of those are true either.
Cause I think I love her. And she definitely makes me happy.

According to the Baby Lock website, Natalie is
"a friend you can trust...Straightforward and reliable, Natalie is always there to help with mending, hemming and even crafting."

Well sign me up, Natalie.
Sign me up.

We're sure to make lots of mostly cute clothing items together.
Clothing items that will be beautiful from a distance and super cute unless you look too closely at the seams...
I even got a nice, sturdy case to keep her safe.
Safe from this little guy...

"Me mommy? Me? But I'm so cute..."

This mommy is no dummy.
Distructive forces can come in super-cute packages.

* FYI: I'm not sure where that crazy dirt on the floor came from. 
That's just reality, friends.
And the reason why I can't have carpet in my next house.


Tiffany said...

Nice to meet you, Natalie. You look lovely.

I am so excited for you, Jennifer! That is so exciting! It looks like a nice one! Love the fabrics you showed too! I have only made Avery a skirt so far but want to make her so much more. I'm just a scaredy cat! Ugh.

The picture of your little man is absolutely adorable!

Enjoy Natalie! I'm sure you two will get along great!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

So you're saying I shouldn't be afraid to buy a machine and jump in?

And I can't imagine that sweet little Charlie would get into anything. I think you must stage the pictures. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love that she has a name. I name all of my sewing machines!

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