Sunday, October 25, 2009

why ask why?

Why is talking to yourself considered a bad thing, but humming to yourself considered totally normal?

Why can't someone give Michelle Duggar some new shoes?

Why are french fries so good? And why can't I stop eating them?

Why does watching "The Biggest Loser" make me want to stuff my face?

Will I ever get the guts to paint my armoire (a.k.a. Big Brown)?

Why won't my kid sleep in her own bed?

Why is Dora's t-shirt so tiny?

Why can't my floor stay clean?

Why do I feel compelled to buy this pink swiffer - despite the fact that I already have one?

Why won't people leave me the heck alone about P90X? Yeah, it's great. Yeah, it's awesome. Yada yada yada...blah blah blah.

Why does my Dave Ramsey Envelope money always run out before the end of the month? The last week of the month lasts forever....


Brittany said...

I want one of those pink Swiffers, too. I even have a coupon stashed for it!
Darn, Dave Ramsey. I hate those envelopes.

Oh yeah, have you seen the new "Teen" Dora?! Holy. Cow.
She looks like she is a sorority girl, not an elementary aged kiddo that has a problem controlling the volume of her voice!

The Rambler said...

My coworker just said she pulled her ovary and any future children doing the P90X...I laughed so hard.

Only cause I highly doubt I could make it work for me.


beth e said...

We should send Michelle some new shoes!! She needs them. You know they have enough money to get some more. Maybe they are super comfy. She is doing new things to her hair lately and wearing jewelry, so maybe she will take the plunge to get some more shoes by next season!!

Tiffany said...

What an awesome post. I have wondered many of the same things!

Jill said...

Ok seriously, why is Dora's head bigger than her mom's, dad's and Diego's???
PS: Last week my husband made so much fun of me because I was watching Biggest Loser and eating a huge piece of cake.

Jennifer said...

I think October has been the longest month of my life. SO ready for new envelopes this weekend! :)

Mama Belle said...

In total agreement on the Dora shirt ... inappropriate little lady. I don't let my girls show their belly. LOL.

And, the Biggest Loser thing ... me too.

And, as far as P90X goes ... I'm failing miserably. I will finish it one of these days.

SarahHub said...

Oh, please - when you find out why Avery doesn't sleep in her own bed, let me know. Evie's excuse now is "I don't like to be alone-ly."

And I'll buy anything if it's pink.

jenjen said...

Ha - I loved those! Thanks for the laugh. And they are all so true!


Mel said...

Im giving you a BIG OLE AMEN to all above...

erin blakley said...

Good questions! Definitely feel the same way during biggest loser.

I just ran across your blog from the married to the ministry blogroll. I was already laughing when I read your "non-piano-playing" description of yourself and I love your lyrics for labels. I'm a worship pastor's wife as well. Even though I do play piano, I'm excited to find your blog!

Kara said...

Just found your blog and I am glad I did because I needed a good laugh. You are cracking me up! And...dont think you are alone during that last week of the is L-O-N-G at our house too! (EVERY MONTH! I dont get it!) :)

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