Thursday, October 22, 2009

sweet baby girl

I made this banner for my friend Ari who just gave birth to a precious little baby girl.

I found scrapbook paper at Michael's to match the colors of Ari's baby bedding.

It's hard to tell in this picture, but the banner says, "sweet girl".
Banners are really hard to photograph...especially when your camera is STINKY.

I made the circles with the Mini Monograms Cricut Cartridge.
The inner circles are 5 inches and the outer are 5 1/2 inches.

Making the circles the right size can be kind of tricky. I do a lot of pre-cutting with scrap paper to test sizes beforehand. As a result, it takes me for.ever. to do one.

While I was making this banner, I had an epiphany: a little bit of wisdom from the paper-crafting muses. It went something like this:

Um...Genius... It would save you a lot of time and paper if you would just make templates out of scrap paper beforehand and label them with the sizes. 

My muse is kind of a jerk.

Well, Paper Crafting Muse. That's novel idea, but one that requires forethought. And planning. And organization. Things I'm not so good at these days.
So, that's not going to happen.
Thanks, though.

How much longer can I use the "sleep deprivation" excuse for inability to function and lack of sanity? Any ideas?


breanne said...

tanner is 4 and i still use my lack of sleep as an excuse. cute banner chica!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

My kids are 17 yrs old and 5 months and I use that ALL the time. great job with the banner- love the colors!

Tiffany said...

What a gorgeous banner. The papers you used are just perfect!

Oh, and I am pretty sure the "sleep deprivation" excuse is allowed as long as you are a parent. Because it is something at every stage that keeps us awake even when they leave the house. At that point, we'll just be awake worried about them. It never ends. This is what we signed up for. : )

TERRi :) said...

Oh, It's adorable!

beth e said...

I think that about the templates all the time. But saving time (and paper) in the future means not saving time in the present. And i'm lazy!! Cute banner!

Ari said...

I love the banner, Jennifer. It is perfect and right now it's on her crib. thank you so much for thinking of us....i was secretly hoping to get a cute craft from you since you are SO talented!
thanks again,
hope your family is feeling better!

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Ocean said...

I LOVE the banner!!! I am thinking of trying to make one for my daughters room but I am kindof clueless on what to do. I bought some round thin pieces of wood today and thought I would use that but I don't know how I would attch ribbon to it or hang it on the wall. Any crafty suggestions???

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Henry said...

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