Tuesday, October 20, 2009

our best laid plans

We had big plans this weekend: a little yard work, hanging out with friends and family, and a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

Events devoid of puking, barfing, or vomiting of any sort.

Life has a funny way of going exactly the opposite direction than you've planned sometimes.

Charlie started Puke Fest 2009 late Friday night and the party is still going strong.
Very strong.

The first time your kid pukes, there's this little part of you that hopes and prays that it was just a fluke.
You ignore it.
You pretend everything is totally normal.

Somewhere in the back of your mind you worry that it's something more serious, but admission of sickness is the most certain way to make sure that it sticks around. Saying, or even thinking the word, "virus" is the quickest way to quarantine yourself to "The Sicky House".

So you put a happy smile on and go about your day like it won't happen again.

But then it does.

All down your shirt.
And into your shoes.
While you're eating lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

Leaving you no choice but to quickly scoop up your kids and rush out of the restaurant before it happens again.

...and with the realization that certain feminine undergarments have the unbelievable ability to hold a lot of puke.

So - We didn't get any yard work done this weekend. We didn't hang out with family or friends. And poor Avery didn't get to make it to the real pumpkin patch on Saturday.

Instead, she and David headed to the little church pumpkin sale down the street while Charlie and I de-pukified ourselves.

Thankfully, she's three and her pumpkin patch frame of reference is limited. She didn't seem to mind at all that there was no playground, corn maize, hayride, or petting zoo at this pumpkin patch.

She excitedly brought home her 4 pumpkin picks and showed the "Mommy", "Daddy", "Charlie" and "Avery" pumpkins to Charlie and me.

Then she and Charlie watched while David and I scooped out the insides and carved happy faces on each one.

Sure, it's early.
Sure, Halloween is still 10 days away.
Sure, they're going to rot waaaay before then.

But Avery had fun.

And sweet little Charlie managed to keep a sweet little grin on his sweet little face between puke sessions.
Because that's just his way.


Brittany said...

Maybe I'm not ready for kids!

Love those adorable pumpkins!
Your kiddos are pretty cute, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol.memories!!!just be glad its THAT end... we found on the holding capacity of Levi pockets when we found out my daughter was allergic to banana medicine flavoring.
He burnt his favorite jeans!

Carmen said...

Awwww I hope Charlie's feeling better today. Cute pumpkins too!

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Oh my...you are right, the first time...you just pray they gagged funny. lol.
Hope you all get feeling better!

SarahHub said...

Cute pumpkins! You did a great job carving them! Not so cute about Charlie's puke... I hope he's feeling better soon.

me said...

so sorry it has infected your house! i felt the exact same way during fall break, like everyone else was having some great fun time somewhere and meanwhile we were just throwing up left and right. but, your pumpkins are adorable and i am sure they entertained which is very hard to do day after day after day of sickieville. and, that picture of charlie with the pumpkins, oh i just want to squeeze his pukey little face!!

~Elizabeth~ said...

Your kiddos are just absolutely adorable. And as always, I just love reading your blogs. The pictures today just made me smile.

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