Thursday, September 3, 2009

busy busy

I don't know about you, but for me, the summer draaaaaaaaaagged on like crazy.
No preschool.
No money.
No break for Mommy.
and no sanity.

The last couple of weeks, however, have been a total blur.
Busy isn't even the word for it.
And honestly, I'm liking the busyness much better than the boredom.

I did a whole lot of hanging out with this little guy.

Look at that little man. 9 months and sporting a 'stashe already.
I'm so proud.

And took Avery to her first gymnastics lesson.

The cuteness was almost too much to handle.
I seriously giggled through the entire lesson.
She looked like such a big girl, but so teeny tiny at the same time.

We went to some high-class eating establishments with our high-class kiddos.


And took the family to watch a baseball game.

Charlie was beside himself with excitement.
Avery loved it too.

Until she saw the team's giant mascot.

It took quite a bit of convincing to help her understand that the giant bird/man wasn't coming to get her.
I finally told her he wasn't allowed to come up to the stands. That did the trick.

You do what'cha gotta do.

I helped this cute girl woman move into her very first dorm room.

Oh the excitement of starting a fresh, new chapter in life! Can you see it in her face?

And- oh my goodness - I made my first applique ever at Craft Club.

In true Jennifer fashion, I've become officially obsessed.
I'm appliqueing everything.

It's almost as bad as my obsession with the Podge o' Modge.

And last week, I celebrated the first day of Preschool with these little guys.

Evidently, this is Charlie's favorite spot in his classroom.

After his first day, his teacher said, "Charlie loves the mirror. Well, all the babies love the mirror... but Charlie REALLY loves the mirror."

Oh goodness.

Last week was also my first day back to the Preschool in 9 months. I'm so excited to be teaching a few days a week. It's divine. I seriously love it.

Life's been busy, but I think I'd take busy over bored any day. There are not many things in this world more frightening than a bored toddler.
Health Care Reform?
Swine Flu?
A bored toddler is definitely more scarey.


Sarah said...

OH sweet Jennifer i have missed you so much. Your post always seem to brighten even the most horrible day. (i am not sure if this is a good thing or not, its good that the little things brighten my day but bad that i depend on someones blog to make me smile) anyway i am glad you are doing well, and congrats on teaching, where are you teaching, i am looking for something 1 day a week for Jax.

Colored With Memories said...

it sounds like teaching a couple days a weeks is a perfect balance for you! i'm working 2 half days now and it is working great for us!

the pictures are adorable! missed ya!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Hey lady who has been missing from my blog reader for a long time! :) I missed you!

Charlie - oh MY!!!Look at your chubbiness. You made me squeal in delight.

Avery - Mascots have always been a little scary to me too... love that look on your face. And your ice cream cone appliqued t shirt - I need to get me one.

breanne said...

I really love the Flying Fish. At least she didn't proceed to eat her delightful catch:)

SarahHub said...

Sounds like a wonderfully crazy time!

beth said...

Charlie looks so sweet with his hair all nice and brushed like that. Such a big boy! And I am obsessed with appliqueing (sp) as well. It is therapeutic and it's awesome knowing that you saved money making a cute shirt instead of buying one for $40!!

me said...

how funny-that is where i see charlie every time i peek in on them!! maybe he is checking out his hair . . .

all4boys said...

Welcome back to the bloggy world! I've missed reading about your sweet family. Glad to hear all is well!!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Can I tell you how much I love you? I missed your posts too! And that chub o bub is so stinking cute I could just eat him UP!!!

Tiffany said...

Love this post. So fun! I just crack up at how much our Avery girls are a alike. We have several pictures with Avery's finger up her nose and it cracks us up. She is also terrified of large characters, adults in costumes, etc. We always have to convince her that it is just a nice Daddy dressed up and he is not going to get you! : ) Oh, also, I love doing applique too! So much fun! Well, actually, I cut out the designs and my Mom sews them. One of these days I will learn...

Mod Podge Amy said...

Hey girl! LOVE the applique. So cute. ALMOST as cute as your little ones. :D

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