Thursday, August 13, 2009

Me Time

Until Saturday, I hadn't been to a gym in 2 years.
2 years.
Just let that sink in for a bit...

I've been avoiding my return to the gym for quite awhile.
'Cause let's face it: going to the gym is just not fun.
But this belly full o' jelly has got to go. Far, far away. From me.

The sheer disgust with my "Mrs. Clause Physique" was enough to force me to push the horrifying visions of certain pain and embarrassment to the back of my mind and bravely head to my first class in 2 YEARS.

And I gotta say... it wasn't that bad.
In fact, I kind of enjoyed it.
Well...not the whole working out part - that part was pretty stinky - but the stretching thing.

As I was stretching my Jello Muscles to the relaxing sounds of pan flute music, I literally thought to myself, "Wow. No one is climbing on me. This is...awesome."

Next time, I may skip the first part of the class and go back just for the stretching part.
That's how desperate for a little "me time" I am.

Fast Forward to Monday for my dental appointment to have a cavity filled.
After my first dental cleaning in 2 years a few months ago (are you seeing a trend here?) it was revealed that I had three cavities.
Not fun.
Not cheap.
Not comfortable.

It does help that my Dentist's office is kinda fancy.
Sure, it's can't compare to my pediatric dentist's office (come on - a tree in the office? a cave that you can hide from your mom in? cool toys when you're finished?), but I like it.

He's got some nice comfy chairs, a flat screen t.v. with earphones, plenty of super-nice people asking me if I feel OK. Not to mention the "happy gas"....

Honestly, except for the drilling part and the painful shots in the gums, my dental appointment was the most relaxing moment of my week.

I'll take what I can get.


SarahHub said...

I was just talking to my husband about my "working out" days. We were on vacation a few years ago, and I bought a guest membership to the gym across the street from our hotel. That's how committed I was...

I'm glad you got some alone time. I can relate - I have to get that awful glucose test tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to an hour by myself!

Jill said...

I love some ME time...anywhere! The last time I went in for a cleaning, I fell asleep!

breanne said...

good for you momma!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Isn't it sad what we now consider "me" time? Take for instance 3 hour OB appointments - the better part of 3 hours to sit quietly and read. Ahh!

Sonya @ Balentine Bliss said...

Ok, my sweet, precious, yet deceived friend, you have NEVER had a "Mrs. Clause" physique. EVER. Even when you were 9 months preggie you were no where near bowl full of jelly-ish! (I can see you rolling your eyes!) You are absolutely tiny and ADORABLE and I have never met anyone who would disagree with me!

BUT, I will say good I think it's wonderful that you are geting some alone time and good for you for wanting to get healthy! That is a good thing!

Love ya!

mommaof4wife2r said...

mrs claus physique...that is super funny! and i started working out again too...b told me i looked like i had a new baby growing in my belly. yikes

beth e. said...

The working out part IS kind of stinky; I am so sore today!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the stretching part, too. I think I am really looking forward to having some "me" time at the gym, too!

The Perkins Girls said...

ditto, sonya! you have the cutest little physique ever. just skip the hard part and show up to stretch :)

Rach@In His Hands said...

Ahhhhh, another glimpse into my near future!

Goldielocks said...

This thank you is MONTHS over due!!! Thank you for taking time out of your BUSY schedule to tell me how to stain the monogram letters.. i've been busy this summer but its been nagging me to email you back and thank you for going into details about how to do the whole proces.. I hope your summer finishes out well and may you have a great weekend!!

- Kat

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I agree that belly full o' jelly would never describe you, sister! You're adorable! But - I'm all for getting "me" time wherever and whenever you can. :)

This reminds's been almost 2 years since I've been to the dentist. I keep putting it off, and I KNOW I have at least 1 cavity. Boo.

Kim Brown said...

Cute, cute, cute blog! I followed you from Breanne's page and I'm so glad I did. You are very funny and have a wry wit (which, needless to say, is my all-time favorite brand of wit).

susana said...

I love some ME time!!!!!!!!
another glimpse into my near future!
thanks ...
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about me said...

Hi there. New to your blog but just wanted to stop and say I think you may quite possibly be the sweetest person ever. I love your blog and your family. Thanks for just being you :)

misty said...

i'm back!!!

and you are as cute & funny as always!!!

i'm not going to the gym but i am running/walking in my neighborhood atleast 3 times a week. that's a start!

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