Friday, June 5, 2009

festival fun

Last weekend, some of my girlfriends and I took our kiddos to a local festival for a little play date action.

Usually the Southern heat creeps in like a soggy wool blanket sometime in early May and doesn't leave until late September.
It gets seriously, mind-blowingly hot here.

Mercifully, Lady Heatwave gave us a break just in time for our outing. We definitely needed it, since 3 of the little munchkins were under a year old.

The perfect weather made our walk from the house to the park actually bearable. Sure it took us a million years to walk 3 blocks, but that had more to do with the fact that we were walking with an entire preschool class of kids than anything else.

We like to stop and smell the flowers around here. Literally.

The kiddos decided to bust a move as soon as we got there.
I wish I was that uninhibited.
Doesn't that look fun?

Before chowing down on some yummy, over-priced, super-fattening festival food, we did a little craft booth browsing.
We found a vendor selling these cool tire horse things.

Miller and Carter each gave the tire horse a little test run.
We tried to convince Avery to hop on with Carter, but she wouldn't have it. I'm not sure if she was more afraid of the tire swing, or the vendor's raspy smoker voice.

For whatever reason, Avery preferred to watch from the sidelines. While TWIRLING HER HAIR. Argh! Where the heck is Mybecca!?!

A group of middle school cheerleaders had a face painting and nail painting booth in the kiddy section.
Avery, of course, just had to have a pedicure.

She loved having her toenails painted.

While Miller and Carter chose the face/hand painting option.

Poor Miller was hoping to get a car painted on his face, but the only options were some scary 1970's sedans.
Doesn't every 3 year old boy dream of owning a 1970's station wagon one day?

His mommy suggested a baseball instead.

After the body art session, we headed over for some fun and games.
It took Miller 2.5 seconds to smear his "baseball" and one meellion years to carefully choose his prize.
Little boys are awesome.

The girls scored big time when they won fancy, glittery batons.

First, they played with them like batons, but later they became magic (or as Avery says, "maggick") wands.
Clever, huh?
The girls put on a S.H.O.W. for us.
Fancy, fancy moves.
Lots of jumping.
Lots of squealing.

All those crazy moves made the girls a little parched, so we headed over to the sno cone booth for a little recharging. 'Cause sugar and food coloring is the perfect afternoon snack.

I love the way that Miller is looking at Avery in this picture. Too cute!

And that's how you know it's time to go home.


Tracey said...

Simple pleasures. I love the first picture of the kids walking away. How cute is that!

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me said...

lately, that's how we know the party's over. when miller turns blue, head to the car!

jenjen said...

Cute, cute pictures. What a fun way to spend an afternoon! I LOVE that first picture of the kids holding hands and walking. Adorable!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer-I wanted you to know that I LOVE reading your blog. You are a clever writer and I find myself smiling at your fun posts! Thanks!
Ellen Tucker

Elizabeth said...

Aww, cute little purple toe nails! What a great day. :)

More Every Day said...

I love how girly Avery is! Sitting perfectly still and loving having her toenails painted!

Colored With Memories said...

oh my! was her snocone black licorice flavor!?! i've never seen a tongue quite like that!

Juice said...


And you cracked me up with modge pogiosity!

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