Tuesday, May 31, 2011

feathering my nest and other nonsense

May was a whirlwind of a month for me.
I wrapped up a very busy Preschool year with a Water Day party, 15 sweet little scrapbooks, an end of the year music program and parent/teacher conferences.
And as if that wasn't quite enough, I agreed to host David's grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary party at our house.
I'm a glutton for punishment.
For reals.

Honestly though, we were totally honored to host the party here. And the it gave us the perfect excuse to get all the little projects completed that we had on our gigantic check-list.

So - in an attempt to ready my house for the big partay, I re-arranged things millions of times, eye-balled blank walls, hung things up and took them down again, stared at magazines, sewed a few things, cleaned a LOT of things, and painted some others...

With each picture I hung, each piece of furniture I found the perfect place for, each nasty cabinet I cleaned, I watched what was once somebody else's house slowly transform into our home.

It's kind of magical how that happens...

Anyway - One of the things that I've really been super excited about was being re-united with my porch swing. The porch swing that David bought for me when we were dating.

It got a new, darker coat of stain on it and I'm happy to say, has not collapsed.
Nice work, David.
He's a whiz with the power drill, that one.
Another check-list item for me was to make some pillows for our Living Room couch.

And while some gals get jewelry or chocolates for Mother's day, my sweet husband knows that beautiful fabric will make me just plain giddy. So - that's what I got. Some really awesome, really beautiful fabric.

Originally, I discovered the awesome, beautiful fabric at a really snooty place here in town.
After what could only be described as a horrible, no good, very bad shopping experience, I decided that giving my hard earned Mother's Day cash to a snooty place wasn't really what I wanted to do.
And since Shopping Necessity is the Mother of Creativity ... and Snootiness is the Mother of Desire-to-Stick-it-to-the-Man-ness, I opted to try my luck with the world wide web. 
Lady Internet was kind to me. 
I found both fabrics I loved for waaaay less money.
So there, mean 'ol snooty fabric store.

I used some of the fabric to make these little lovely ladies:
I was hoping that they would turn our pumpkin of a couch into a beautiful coach.
Or at least make the toddler stainage less noticeable.
They didn't.
But I love them anyway.

I used some of the extra fabric to recover a lamp shade. And I painted my formerly red lamp robin's egg blue. 
Next up, I recovered the seat cushions in my kitchen.
They used to look like this:
And now they look like this:
And this...
The fabric is called Hip Dove by P Kaufman. I want to stare at it all the time.
I want to decorate every room in my house with it. I just loooove it.

This was the chandelier in my dining room when we first moved in.
David said it reminded him of the chandelier in Beauty and the Beast.
I'm thinking he meant this one.
...not this one.
She's creepy.

Anyway, now it looks like neither.

Just a regular, Oil Rubbed bronzish one. 
After a can or two of spray paint.
When we first saw the house, the kitchen looked like this:
Pretty range hood, eh?

Now it looks like this.
I know, I know, it's a subtle difference, but I painted the cabinets white (they were dark cream before) and changed the knobs.
Thankfully, the bank who owned the property put a microwave in place of the range hood before we moved in.
Hooray for that.
Cause y'all know I'm not even trying to living in a house sans microwave.

May is over.
I made lots of little checks all over my huge list.
And I feel totally happy.
And inspired to rest.
A lot.
But not until I finish just a few more things...
Specifically, Avery's bedroom. 
She requested a purple room, but I talked her into a subtle lilac-y color instead.
Does that make me a control freak?
Don't answer that.


Debbie said...

Your house looks lovely. You've worked really hard! I love your new cushions. (I am being inspired by you to learn to sew).

Mrs. Tucker said...

That fabric is great! I love how they look on your chairs! Good job!

Allie said...

Hey there! I am looking to do our dining room table in the Hip Dove fabric, because I just L.O.V.E. it too! Where did you find it? and how much fabric did it take to cover the 4 chairs? I have 6 to do! Thank you - Allie

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