Monday, January 10, 2011

waiting is the worst.

I have this daily conversation with myself.
It goes something like this:

Not much longer.
You can do it.
Just hang in there.

And every time I realize that something I need is in our storage unit, or I trip over one of the giant plastic bins in our bedroom, I repeat it to myself.
It's my new mantra.

It's not really working.

We've been living at my mother-in-law's house for almost 6 months now.
It's been a long, hard, six months.
Not because of her...she is wonderful to us.
Because I miss my stuff.
All of it.
I even miss my sofa that's covered in Mod Podge.
And I really, really missed my kid's sweet little handmade ornaments at Christmas. That was a biggie.

I'll be honest. I'm struggling.
I know that the end result  of all this waiting will be wonderful, but getting there has definitely been hard.

We've found a house we really like, but it's a foreclosure. And although we've submitted an offer, we have yet to hear the first word in response. And it's been 2 months.

I think that I can handle hearing "no" better than I'm handling "wait".

God loves to teach me the same old lesson on patience that I've been learning my whole life.
Maybe He doesn't love to teach it to me. Maybe I'm just super hard-headed.
Maybe I like to talk about having joy in my circumstances and being faithful to Him, but just don't like to actually do it.

That might be it.

So, I'm still here.
Slightly depressed, but here.
And once I figure out how to load pictures to my blog again, I'll catch everybody up on what I've been doing while I've been waiting around.



Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Hang in there bloggy friend. I always think hearing "wait" from Him is harder than "no"

Now hurry up and load some pictures so I can peak in on your life and be distracted from the horrid weather here in Iowa. :)

Molly said...

Yes the waiting is definitely the hardest because it is may not be definite answer sometimes for the waiting. Will it be yes or the no to the waiting and then starting all over. I totally understand ya.
Hang in there, even though it is by far easier said than done....

More Every Day said...

I would HAVE to agree! Waiting is so hard, but I have to believe that it is also building character and teaching me patience. (Or I would go crazy waiting on our baby boy.) lol Just think... We are one day closer to getting the perfect house for you and meeting my little fella for me! :)

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

I read this the other day... then read it again today after reading your most recent post.

You have been on my mind and in my prayers. I know this has got to be hard. There is just something about a woman's heart that craves her own space and special things. Praying that this waiting period would soon be over friend!

(And, let me just say, so glad that you are blogging again. Yours is a fav!)

Tiffany said...

Glad to have you back! Oh, the waiting. Waiting sucks. It just does. There is no way around it. It is harder sometimes than others to find that joy in our circumstances.

Hang in there. It will pass. Hopefull sooner than later.

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